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  1. Buyer Beware, they've already lost their Commercial Seller status on this site for shady doings. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=193225
  2. I'm happy with it so far, my biggest bugbear has been fixed, the labeling of US & UK trade pages. Moderation and Admin is usually kept to a pretty high standard (having run forums for a living for an MMORPG company, this is something I always look at), also you have a good global spread of staff, which means response times aren't limited to US or UK timezones. Bizarely I only just noticed the show hide content buttons after thinking that was needed... so that is taken care of and many sections I never use are now hidden. I do think a copy of the Classified Forum rules should be containe
  3. Introduction: I've had my eye on this 3 in 1 jacket for quite a while, I already have a high opinion of Tasmanian Tiger (TT) from the Ammunition Vest and Mk1 Chest Rig I own, having browsed their website I'd settled on getting myself a Nevada and Arizona jacket to replace a multitude of fleeces and jackets that I already owned and just took up too much space. However spending this amount on a jacket is something I can't afford to do on a whim atm, times are hard and all that, fortunately Xmas came and my parents and grandparents both gave me money. This moved the jacket from the category, "
  4. Bought CA G36 parts, all good and as described, a good sale.

  5. quick, concise, excellent to deal with!

  6. quick, concise n excellent to deal with!

  7. Selling flecktarn pouches in UK Camo and Gear, mostly unused.

  8. Yeah, I'm afraid there are some makes of G3 magazine that just don't fit JG's, I had two included as part of a bulk deal with a TM MC-51. If you look at the top of the magazine (and if it's anything like the problem I had) you'll notice the rings around the feed opening are different thicknesses, with mine I just enlarged the inner diameter of the TM compatible ones until they loaded comfortably in the JG, that was the only modification needed.
  9. I'd go with Positive Only as anybody wh truly deserves massive negative feedback has usually been banned
  10. A shame we can't see who has given the feedback... people are a little less quick to be keyboard heroes when feedback isn't anonymous. That being said, every forum I've run professionaly took the reputation/karma/whatever system out, trolls and keyboard heroes spoil it for the majority that would find it useful.
  11. Or you can click here, that's two links that will do it that you missed See highlighted button, took me straight to your post.
  12. Heh as the man said... Like this button?
  13. Been using these guys for a couple of years via mailorder, they're fantastic, their stock control is great, as is their customer service. I also love the fact that once you have registered, it retains your shopping basket for ever, unless you delete an item. Website has good English language, although catalogue and catalogue screenshots used on the website are in German only. It is one of the few companies I can 'hand on heart' say, I've never had a problem with. They do have a 50 euro minimum order on all mailorder though. If you're doing a big order make sure you buy one of thei
  14. That's because you need 100 posts to see them/post in them. You have two options... 1) Get out there, get involved in the community, make 100 useful posts, access sales section. 2) Get out there, spam for all your worth, get reported, have post count set to -99 and be twice as far away from accessing the sales section. I'd go with option one.
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