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  1. Unless it is to raise it above the level of that ""-off big torch
  2. That thing is so COD4, but I like it
  3. The pictures just don't do it justice! Despite the fact it is KJ underneath, it looks and feels very very nice.
  4. Isn't it illegal to have those in NYC? Forgive my ignorance. I thought that silencers were illegal in most US states.
  5. Well they are really poses for the camera when the game isn't running and as such people want to make it look more like "real" combat. Although I do see where you are coming from.
  6. No. Nobody has provided evidence. Just because someone says so does not mean it is proven. Plus, it isn't quantified, all he said was "good accuracy" and "I would say 8/10 shots could have hit a person standing still".
  7. What I mean is, there is no proof. Just because it shoots at X fps does not mean it will fire the bb Y number of feet/metres/yards.
  8. Can we just clarify this is all conjecture at this point.....
  9. China news, Bell factory quits the game Maybe it is true, after all.
  10. Butt pad I use it as a cheekrest and to hold my spare vsr mag as it has a zipped compartment.
  11. Ah but theres the rub, I use it for woodland (veg loops now applied). Oh and about that effect, all you need is to do the base layer(s) in one colour, lay some scrim net over the top and spray in a different tone/colour.
  12. Then that makes you just as bad as, if not worse than, him. Anyway, here is a pic of my vsr, but not my handbag...yay.
  13. Saw, but did not bother to read the details, clearly. Which is kind of a must if you are planning to come in contesting how useful it is. Nevertheless, it does indeed look like pure win "and that".
  14. And the more times you slag it off, the worse you look. However it can be a bit tedious seeing what are essentially duplicate posts all over the picture thread section, I agree.
  15. I like it, reminds me of Australian camouflage pattern.
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