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    Maruzen VZ61 w/ m6 LAM unit

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  1. Is that you in your avatar pic? 5 Stars for Miraculously holding that SPAS like a pistol and getting it snapped

  2. Does anyone here know how the TSD M3 shorty compares with the Original TM? Is it a like-for-like clone or are there plastic bits where metal bits should be or dubious internals?
  3. Yes. At least for the SPAS12, I'm sure. I believe it was by a brand called 'Smokey's'
  4. Anyone know if the front rail/RIS thing on the AEP Scorpions will fit on the GBB Maruzen Scorpion?
  5. I recieved my DE shotgun today. I've had the TM shorty and TM SPAS 12 and find even though the finish is not as lush as the finish on my SPAS 12 it out-ranges it and out-powers it. Haven't got many notable seams and I haven't got a problem with the plastic or metal anywhere however the plastic on the reciever does sound dubious when tapped with my nail. For 50 quid though, I'm quite satisfied with it.
  6. How did you get on with that gun? I played around with my friends DE M56 and was taken back by the quality to price ratio. It out performed my SPAS12 in almost every category.
  7. Do you have enough shells, King of Shells?
  8. Sod em, I thought it was funny :D

    Even if I did have to look up to find who Kanye West and Taylor Swift were... *returns to cave*

  9. Why has this gun never been brought to my attention? I don't want to sound lazy but can I have the full name of the gun or possibly a link? I can't seem to find much just searching Marushin shotgun.
  10. And how many bb's is it firing? It has one barrel I take it?
  11. What exactly is that and how many bb's is it firing?
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