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  1. Meh - if it works in stalker its fine. and it works in stalker
  2. The handguard is a tapco galil-style handguard Dont get it, its uncomfortable as fluffernutters to hold (yes, i have one)
  3. ...or gold plated? i am so tempted to do just that
  4. I used my type 56 sith just a pdi 120% spring and shot ropes at 410 fps for about half a year until i modified it to take a standard gearboxm, so yeah Also congrats on the single best aeg in existence
  5. Nope, its a kalash one - you just need to file away the nubs on it and BAM! looks kinda strange with the rs wooden grip on the kalash ak74s tho
  6. Muzzle break is upside down to keep rain out of the barrel. And yeah, it truly is crapco - the stock cracked when the rifle fell over from leaning against a tree some rs furniture is somewhere in the mail'
  7. Ha ha, smällkäpp! RS type 56 Rs tapco stock, handguard and rail-thingish Home-made top-rail Hurricane elcan Gubbdagis tactical light vertical grip with tactical grip-tape
  8. PERFECT - just needed to see how the clearance worked thanks
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