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  1. When I need to ream out holes, I just use a drill bit tightened into a thread tap handle. The hole size you need is 1/4", which is the size of both real steal and WE takedown pins. Probably easier to source a drill bit that way then trying to find something in metric.
  2. Brigg

    9mm AR GBBR’s?

    I might still have some of the pictures floating around but i may have lost them when my older laptop died. Back when i did that build, all of it was done entirely by trial and error, so even if i had saved any of the dimensions, they would be of very little use. I had no idea how to use CAD at the time so there were no cad files, everything was just milled manually, and tweaked till it worked. As far as the front sight assembly, that was all built by hand ( well, on a mini mill ), but i had found the schematics of it on google image search, from a thread on ar15.com iirc, so the dimensions for that should be available if you look through the image results. I have been meaning to make another one at some point though, And since i do now have a 3d printer, I would probably try printing a lot of the parts. Though some of them do have to be metal, like the feed ramp and loading nozzle arm i think would break pretty easy if they were PLA plastic. so they would have to be metal at least in some part., And the extended valve striker really has to be steel or it'll get mangled, even the aluminum ones i tried at first didnt survive long. If and when i get to try making a new one, my plan was to make a flat top upper version. And for that, the easiest thing to use would be the upper from a WE T91 since it has no deflecter or forward assist. So, its pretty likely that I'll be making another, i just dont know when, especially since i have an ongoing project at the moment.
  3. Brigg

    Chiappa Firearms Rhino

    Interesting in that the shells look a lot like the ones used for the wingun Nagant 1895. Also interesting in that it seems like they'll go far and wide to make models that aren't normal S&W style revolvers.
  4. Brigg

    9mm AR GBBR’s?

    I had converted a WE GBB M4 to take KWC C02 Uzi mags a year or two back in order to make a Colt DOE clone. So, it can be done but needs all sorts of modified internals to do it, a new loading nozzle, as well as magazine well adapters and feed ramp extensions. It probably wouldn't be too different to do the same thing for mp9 mags, so long as they physically fit in the mag well width wise. I have a build thread about it on the forums here somewhere, but either I can't find it, or it disappeared somehow. I do have a video of it on YouTube though. And it really does kick as much as it looks, the co2 really throws the bolt around.
  5. Brigg

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    Elite force had an r8 revolver that nobody mentioned for more then a half second, despite it being the only interesting thing there.
  6. Brigg

    WE Hudson H9

    Evike has also shown an 'EMG' Hudson h9. I wonder if it's the same WE OEM, or if there's another company out there making one as well.
  7. Brigg

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Finally finished the OA93. Woo. I even did another video to show it working.
  8. Brigg

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Its not quite finished yet, but I'm doing a WE based Olympic Arms OA93. Once i have it all done i think i'll make a proper thread for it, but i think its looking pretty good so far. Alot of planning, machining and testing went it to making it work properly..
  9. Brigg


    I could never convince myself to buy a vfc gas blowback again after the mp5, and im imagining that the g3 will have similar jamming issues like that did. But dang if vfc doesnt know how to make a gorgeous looking gun. I keep my vfc mp5s around just because of how pretty they are.
  10. Brigg

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    That screen grab is clearly a completely different gun to the one in the OP. More interesting though is that it doesn't seem to have a... feed system of any sort? Just a big magazine type gas route bucking. But if the "mag" with the gas route isn't removable, then why have the gas route bucking at all?
  11. Brigg

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    I think they're trying to use the least new parts as possible, at least in this stage of development. Hence why the receiver is quite clearly based on the mold of the Marui 870. The ejection port is machined differently, but that's an 870 shape from what I can tell.
  12. Brigg

    Modify MOD 90 Semi-Auto Shotgun

    I kind of get the feeling that their idea of semi automatic is actually a manually actuated system with a really hard trigger pull. Not that I think it couldn't be properly semi auto or anything, it just seems more likely. As for the looks, it seems like they started with an m870, but tried to dress it up like a mossberg 930 without making a new receiver or trigger guard.
  13. Brigg

    WE G3

    A clean desk is a sign of someone who doesn't do any work.
  14. Brigg

    WE G3

    well, according to their facebook page, they produced steel molds for other companies. Which means they were probably doing the casting as well. so it wouldnt be too surprising if they had been the oem for some other airsoft manufacturers.
  15. Brigg

    WE G3

    Youre comparing a finished lct to a prototype WE? In that case the WE weld actually looks to be the better one. its relatively clean, even though they havent even dressed or painted over it. The LCT one on the other hand looks kinda nasty and jagged, and thats on the finished, painted product, as you would buy it. thats not to say that the production WEs wont have bad welding. But that lct weld is pretty .

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