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  1. Brigg

    GBB psg1

    Really surprising that WE didnt have one of these ready to go when they released the g3. But unfortunately, as much as i want a psg1, I will never buy a gbb from vfc again after the mp5 that didnt work and could not be fixed for any reason. Just say no to VFC gbbs.
  2. Brigg

    HK G11

    I see youre new, so it might be somewhat confusing or such. But, this section of the forum is for reviews of products. For projects and technical stuff you'll want to post in the "Technical discussion" area, in "project suggestions". Otherwise, youre unlikely to get many responses in this section.
  3. Brigg

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    I dont have a long enough range to really test a hopup, but it has a tiiiiiiiny screw on the top that adjusts the hopup. Nearly the same as on the ct25. So yes, from what i can tell, it is adjustable, its just kind of... Wierd.
  4. Brigg

    WE CT25 Colt Junior

    Interesting you mention that because the last shot on either of my mags wont cause any blowback at all, it just kinda farts out the bb. I think it may just be that the valve delayer is busted. You wouldnt happen to know what part number it is do you? Im looking at the parts diagram on KYAirsoft and im not sure quite which one it is. A19 maybe? I also have a similar issue on my we m84 where the the gun light strikes and I'd be willling to bet its more or less the same reason.
  5. Brigg

    WE CT25 Colt Junior

    Has anyone experienced theirs having light strikes or weak blowback? Mine seems to get like, one good shot, followed by sort of... Bleh shots. Sometimes it doesnt even cycle the slide. From my initial inspection i dont see anything obviously broken or missing though, so im not sure.
  6. Brigg

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    I got mine unexpectedly on the doorstep this morning, so, i spent a couple hours fiddling with it and did pit my initial impressions on the pistols subforum. Long story short; Its 'fine'. I'm neither disappointed nor blown away. Its pretty average in most respects and time will tell if its long term reliable, but out of the box, there were no glaring problems or malfunctions.
  7. Brigg

    WE Browning Hi Power MK3

    So after a nearly month long wait, i was greeted this morning by a package on my doorstep. Seems it was delivered a bit early, on a sunday no less. I could tell immediately on opening the box why it had spent so long in the HKPost. It had clearly spent quite some time going through all the red tape. After removing all the tape and glue residue, Ive had some time to mess around with it today. And have my initial impressions after a couple hours of emptying mags. Overall my impressions are 'Meh'. Its not great, its not awful. Its about what I would expect for a ~100 USD gun. It shoots seemingly well enough and isnt rattly or anything. Paintjob is decent enough, about in line with what theyve been putting out lately, though not quite as nice as the p38 unfortunately. Internally, it doesnt seem much changed from the older version apart from the slide and the slight update to the magazine. Someone will have to tell me what the problems with the original were because ive never owned one, so im not sure what to expect there. From the looks of it, it works though. The blowback is decently hard and the slide isn't sluggish or anything. Some claimed they had a relatively weak return spring in theirs but perhaps thats a production/qc issue because the spring in mine is decently strong, and theres no slop to the slide that ive noticed at all. The one problem i HAVE noticed is that its hard to get the magazine to accept a full charge of gas. When it charges fully, it gets roughly 2 and a half fills of bb's. But when it charges normally, it runs out of gas at around the 19th or so shot, with a few rounds left to go. Ive been venting the magazine before filling to accommodate for this and that seems to really be the only way to get it to full charge. Accuracy seems to be decent. I dont have any long distances to shoot, and even if i did I'm hardly a good enough shot to judge anything based on my own abilities. But from about 25 feet i didnt have any major flyers or particularly bad groupings, so i think its fair to say that its 'accurate enough'. So, Id say my overall score for this gun would be like a 7/10. Its good, its not great. It will fill the role in a large number of loadouts and kit impressions. I think a lot of reviews seem to forget that these are pretty inexpensive guns, and with that in mind, I give it a thumbs up. Just maybe dont buy 15 mags for it expecting it to be the highlight of your collection.
  8. Brigg

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Mine is supposedly arriving this coming tuesday, a couple days shy of a full month since ordering it. I had even paid for the $63 express shipping like an idiot, but they didn't ship the thing until 2 weeks after i placed the order. And they backordered the magazines, even though the site continues to claim they have them in stock.. Ive really gotta say, if youre excited for a new product thats just been released, never order it from KY. Just wait until a site like redwolf have it in stock and you'll get it much faster. Very disappointed.
  9. Brigg

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    Seems like both had bbu problems, improperly installed maybe? Slides tend to jam like that when the loading arm breaks off the nozzle. And the mag not locking in seems like it was hitting the bbu. Just my thoughts though.
  10. Brigg

    Smith & Wesson 76 GBB

    Ive been able to get it a lot more efficient, but, im still working on getting it 'perfect'. In the meantime though, it can clear a short mag no problem now, so heres a video of it looking weird with a normal hicapa mag in it.
  11. Brigg

    Smith & Wesson 76 GBB

    Well, the release valve is in the magazine, i kinda dont want to mess with those.
  12. Brigg

    Smith & Wesson 76 GBB

    The only real issue im still ttying to iron out is the gas consumption. It is quite a gas hog, and on auto it cant quite get though a full magazine. it'll get like 40 shots before it cant quite reach the sear engagement again, and you can see the clouds of gas billowing out in the video if you fire more then a very short burst. Im not really sure whats causing it, though my suspicion is that the valve delay is a bit too long, and its keeping the valve open even after the loading nozzle is no long aligned with the magazine. Unfortunately without fairly substantial changes to the receiver, or making an entirely new bolt, theres really no way to decrease the delay length further then i have already. Both of those options are pretty time consuming so i havent gotten to try either yet. And thats assuming im correct about the problem. It could well be something i havent considered yet.
  13. Brigg

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    I havent gotten any shipping notification email yet. Im hoping they didnt screw me like they did when the WE thompson came out. I didnt get mine until nearly two months later and I could have had it from any other retailer faster in that time.
  14. Brigg

    WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

    I ordered one of the standard black ones from KY during the brief period they were in stock, about two days ago. So hopefully i should have it reasonably soon, and hopefully it isnt garbage.
  15. i figured i should show this here since its been a while. This is one of my current projects, a gas blowback s&w76. So far its mostly done, but i need to get the has efficiency to be better on auto, and i need to have sling bars tig welded on. Its a fairly even mix of machined and 3d printed parts. I mostly used 3d printing for parts that would be very complicated to machine (like the loading nozzle, the magwell, etc). this way if i wanted to make a second one, it wouldnt be nearly as hard as starting from scratch

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