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  1. There was a problem with the stls i uploaded, but i couldnt seem to edit the post. So ive fixed the STLs and uploaded them here instead for free: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/grips-for-we-tt33-tokarev-airsoft-gun
  2. I never liked the tiny grip on the tt33, and real wraparound grios from various real tokarev variants dont really fit on the WE. So I designed my own. Theyre styled off of a couple of different kinds that are available out there with some features from here and there. Im including the stl files too for anyone who wants to try making some. They need to be fit in order to stay on without moving too much. Ive found the best way to do that is to soften the plastic on the underside of the grips with some acetone, then press them into place on the gun. That seems to produce a nice tight fi
  3. Interesting you mention that because the last shot on either of my mags wont cause any blowback at all, it just kinda farts out the bb. I think it may just be that the valve delayer is busted. You wouldnt happen to know what part number it is do you? Im looking at the parts diagram on KYAirsoft and im not sure quite which one it is. A19 maybe? I also have a similar issue on my we m84 where the the gun light strikes and I'd be willling to bet its more or less the same reason.
  4. Has anyone experienced theirs having light strikes or weak blowback? Mine seems to get like, one good shot, followed by sort of... Bleh shots. Sometimes it doesnt even cycle the slide. From my initial inspection i dont see anything obviously broken or missing though, so im not sure.
  5. So after a nearly month long wait, i was greeted this morning by a package on my doorstep. Seems it was delivered a bit early, on a sunday no less. I could tell immediately on opening the box why it had spent so long in the HKPost. It had clearly spent quite some time going through all the red tape. After removing all the tape and glue residue, Ive had some time to mess around with it today. And have my initial impressions after a couple hours of emptying mags. Overall my impressions are 'Meh'. Its not great, its not awful. Its about what I would expect for a ~100 USD gun. It s
  6. I have some doubts as to how much more efficient ghk's idea of using a rifle style bbu will be. Mostly because I did that same thing a few years back with my own pistol design, which has a thread in the projects forum here. (KPS-01 if anyone cares) I didn't do it on my design because it was super efficient, it was just easier to machine. And I suspect thats pretty much why ghk are doing it too. (Granted my design did have a separate block in the back because I wanted to use rectangle tubing). It did turn out to be a bit more hard kicking then the kwa 1911 that it used a magazine from, but
  7. The checkering didnt come out perfect, but for my second attempt i think theyre great. The gunline beginner's set i bought only came with four tools and theyre not enough to do anything too complicated. So the borders are a bit gnarly, i had to do the corners with a sharp screwdriver. I might pick up a couple additional tools soon.
  8. Here is my Dan Wesson 715 with my own hand made wooden grips, I patterned them like a s&w m29 like some of the older dan wesson grips. Theyre made of common american walnut, and are the second time ive tried checkering by hand.
  9. Finally finished the OA93. Woo. I even did another video to show it working.
  10. Its not quite finished yet, but I'm doing a WE based Olympic Arms OA93. Once i have it all done i think i'll make a proper thread for it, but i think its looking pretty good so far. Alot of planning, machining and testing went it to making it work properly..
  11. Looks like they copied the buffer out of the ghk ak's. Probably not a bad idea. I imagine it saves the pot metal parts from shattering.
  12. Man. Im really sad to hear that the APS shells are going the way of the dodo. I pretty much learned to machine making different guns that fired those things. Ive started making regular GBBs now but I had planned for my next design to be a semi automatic APS. Hell, I even bothered to sit down and draw a schematic for it which I almost never do. Kinda seems pointless if the shells are going to be discontinued though. I mean, I guess I could design it around PPS shells but they hold so few BBs comparatively. Well, there goes that I guess. Edit: I might still make one more APS launcher
  13. Dunno where else I would put this so I figure this thread is the best place. Heres a shooting demonstration for the final version of my WE M4 kwc uzi mag conversion. A Colt DOE carbine. still essntially the same as the old 9mm build but much shorter, and with some tweaked intnerals that work a lot better. The only thing I may consider doing now is making a BCG from 7075 aluminum to see if I can get more gas efficientcy out of it. right now its only slightly more efficient then the KWC uzi is. It can get about a mag and a half from one c02 capsule.
  14. Wow, it's really a shame they ruined the new 4" model with the world's ugliest rail. I would have bought a 4" even though I own 2 of the 6" models. That rail is really atrocious. It doesn't fit the shape of the barrel at all.
  15. So, heres the final destination of my WE to KWC mag conversion. It took a long time but I finally built a gas blowback Colt 633 "DOE carbine" aka Briefcase model. Due to a slight mishap with underestimating the thickness of the paint, the current barrel is unpainted, but will be once it stops snowing. the paint had to be removed to fit it and now i have to turn it down just slightly so it works with the paint. Unfortunately the paint also takes a week to cure and i am the least patient man in the world. So unpainted steel barrel it is! Im really glad to have gotten this build don
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