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  1. Lightemup...... That's pure sexy right there! Nice YOTE too
  2. Only if you make one. The issue "net" for foilage and such would be the helmet cover which has button holes cut in it to stuff branches and such. And used along with the helmet band can hold a lot of leaves and grass and such.
  3. I thought a moose knuckle was like a camel toe, only bigger....
  4. hehehehehe No, I dont know whay thats funny..... Maybe because it's monday.
  5. He has his sleeves rolled up one time... It's the cell phone pic....
  6. Is your boat in Lake Stevens or down in the Everette slough? Nice looking lid man.
  7. Good idea on the dead rag..... you should rig it with a couple of pull strings so you can quick draw it, still attached at the back ans a couple of small velcro tabs to secure it up front..... just a thought...
  8. Those will not ift under a helmet. They are great for use in an industrial settings where you need simple comms and hearing protection. Airport ramp agents and heavy equipment operation. They are well made however and will do the job nicely.
  9. The two piece rocks your socks.... you can unbuckle them and lay on your stomach with the pouches pushed under your arms.
  10. I am not sure as I have never done any rope work with a pistol on my harness.... however even having a carbinere on their was not very comfy to me when I was on the rope. I am not sure that the holster with pistol will be very comfortable if you ever decided to rappel with it like that.
  11. About them helmet? I have only handeled them in a shop a couple of times. About SEALs? There are plenty of folks on this forums who already know more than they really know about SEALs. I will keep out of that line of assumptions.
  12. I am pretty sure you would be just fine wearing that with a sqeals loadout.
  13. Specwargear might be able to help you out. They have been in the bdu modification business for a few years now. http://www.specwargear.com/ You may want to send an email to emdom as well, as they are a related company, same owner and all
  14. I did not realise they had those stupid pouch mounts on the armor too.... wierd. I wonder how well those stood upto ejection tests. Or were they evne meant for use in anything other than a trashhauler. I am not sure about the armor, but the survival vest which is part of the system is made by a company here in Washington State.
  15. They make good headsets for sure. If you are thinking of buying directly from them I might suggest keeping your eyes out on ebay. You will the sordins go on there for a fraction of the cost TCI will charge you for their stuff. And the sordin will be wired for NATO standard, which is what your bowman should be.
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