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  1. I've seen pics of PJs are running various medical pouches: TT, BHI, Eagle Industries and Paraclete tending to be the most common I've come across. As for weapons, the Scar L (Mk16) isn't really seen that much since the decision to stop purchasing them - a M4 would be better suited, however I can understand if you wanted to use the Mk16 as that's what you've got.
  2. Pretty sure I've posted pics of SF wearing RAVs, and UCP cammies before; but for the sake of it... (Two on show here - first left and first right on three at bottom of the pic)
  3. PreacherMan - how is the Glock 19? I had the chance to handle one of the Gen4 19s the other day, and put half a mag through a Gen3 17; however I don't know that many people with WEs to garner feedback as to their reliability. How have the mods improved the performance, compared to what it was like out of the box?
  4. There's loads of pics on Mayflower's FB page, granted they're not all SF but there's definitely some amongst them.
  5. No, that's incorrect. There is at least two UK distributors (Edgar Brothers and Modern Trenches), plus one in Germany (Viking Tactics Germany) who carry TYR Tactical; however I don't know whether they actually hold stock. Judging by the shipping times indicated on the Viking Tactics Germany website I would suspect that they order on your behalf. So it's up to you whether you'd rather deal direct with the manufacturer or go through a middleman. I've previously ordered from TYR directly myself, and have one order in progress at present; their website is easy to use and if they don't have wha
  6. Admittedly these aren't the best quality pics, but they're all I could find amongst my many reference pics that clearly show DOAVs (I've the odd one that might be a DOAV but they're too small to be 100% sure about): All taken in the Philippines post 9/11.
  7. It certainly looks more like a MICH 2001 than a MICH 2000, although it isn't really surprising to hear that it was 'mis-labelled' as I've seen these being sold on websites listed as 2000s when they're clearly not (a dead giveaway is that the ACH ARC rails weren't designed with the 2001 in mind so they don't really seem to fit).
  8. I've got one of the velcro-fronted/MOLLE-rear Paraclete shingles, and initially I had planned on getting it modded with velcro on the rear; however one of my team mates had a velcro-backed MOLLE panel going spare so I'm using that. The shingle is mounted onto the MOLLE panel, which is then attached under the cummerbund with the velcro. If I could find somewhere, or someone who could mod the shingle then I'd probably get it modded so that I could ditch the MOLLE panel; but for now it works so I'm not that fussed.
  9. Time to breath some life into this thread... My HPC in it's current set-up (based on the Army SF CapEx pics from 2011 and 2012 with a few minor tweaks). I just finished putting it together in the last couple of days (although it was trialled at Stirling's Op VIKING last year). Paraclete HPC w/CB Paraclete shingle on a tearaway MOLLE panel (under CB) Tactical Tailor Magna double pistol Paraclete MBITR FirstSpear double FB FirstSpear single FB Camelbak Pakteen TYR Tactical Micro SOF IFAK Paraclete small GP FirstSpear armour carrier shoulder pads Carabiner VIP strobe U94 PTT IR chem ligh
  10. Personally, if it were me, I'd move that PTT up onto the chest part of the 6094 and away from the EMT shears.
  11. Wombat - what plate carrier are you wearing in the pic you posted?
  12. That first picture is of a SEAL, taken during a FAC exercise IIRC.
  13. atomicaardvark


    groundhog-shooters - M110 looks really good. I always hear mixed views about Ares, what's it like?
  14. MAV is fine, there was a pic recently of 7th Group training in Central America and one of the group is wearing an OD MAV and TT pouches. Personally, and I know a couple of my team mates wear AOR1 pouches on their SF impressions, I don't think AOR1 really has a place in a SF impression - it just niggles in the back of my mind that it's in some way a NSW impression (might sound snobbish I admit). Depending what colour the MAV is, I'd try and stick as close to that as possible (another team mate runs an OD MAV with Paraclete SG pouches and that looks good).
  15. Sgt. Kinnaird - what mags are you running in that TYR double 9mm pouch (SIG or Glock)? How many columns does it take up on the CPC? I'm toying with picking up one of those pouches for my HPC but not sure if it'll work with TM Glock 17 mags that well, and that it's suitably low profile enough.
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