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  1. A NST Jansen Jones's rifle replica. -FCC SJC Titan Compensator -Airsoft Surgeon 17" Steel Barrel with Lightweight Profile -FCC Gas Block & Rifle length tube -Dytac TRX 13" NST Rail cerokoted Disruptive grey -Receivers W/ Noveske Marking and cerokoted Disruptive grey -Arredondo Magwell -Magpul B.A.D. Lever -Arredondo Oversize Magazine Release Button -Magpul PTS MOE Trigger Guard -Ergo Grip -FCC Noveske Gun Fighter Charging Handle -Magpul PTS PRS Stock -American Defence Recon Scope Mount -Novel Arms TAC ONE 1.2-4 x 24 Scope
  2. Yes it is. Overall finishing is really good. Minor modification needed on the handguard anti rotation block. I have to file down the material on hand guard to fit in the block. The rest are just drop-in.
  3. My first Hi-Capa, a red spear cat.    
  4. pokira


    Yes, it is AMD gastube. I really want a10rd magazine too, but the problem is that there are no 10rd mag for GHK Gbbr at the moment. The base gun is GHK AKM -VFC 7.62 Scar-H Flashhider + Silencer -Custom made steel 20 inches barrel -LCT AMD Gastube -SLR Riflework 13.5 Keymod rail -Magpul MOE grip -Magpul Zhukov Stock -TNT 580mm inner barrel and Hopup unit -Asura Dynamic Ak scope mount -RWA 1-4x fiber optic scope
  5. My work in progress : GHK AK with SLR 13.5" Keymod
  6. With new APS 19 inch barrel with vent rib.
  7. TM SIG1911 with Silencer
  8. Mag king mag works fine, but it's really weak. I broke one already. Sorry but I never have a g&p mag.
  9. Hiawatha, I think that ours are twin.!!
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