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  1. FW200

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Something a bit older... Got these in today: 6B3T-M-01 (1986) and 6B5-15 (1988): Now I have these: 6B2 (1982) and 6B3T-M-01 (1986) 6B4-01-P (1988) and 6B5-15 (1988)
  2. FW200

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    It's about 9kg I think. I'm missing a couple of plates so don't know the exact full weight. It is noticably heavier in the front though. Not much flapping around if you secure it properly and adjust it to your size. They probably figured ceramic in front and back would be too heavy and did this to still offer some protection. Besides, the only way you should move is toward the enemy Just kidding. The rear shouldn't really be considered to be bulletproof, it's more for protection against shrapnel. It's doable to skirmish in it, though mid summer it's not that handy.
  3. FW200

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Rear, overlapping titanium plates with kevlar. Front, overlapping ceramic plates with kevlar. Vest is from 1987 btw, so it wasn't Russian yet, it was still Soviet
  4. FW200

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    6B2: 6B4: Also got pics of the plate arrangments on the 6B4 if anyone is interested.
  5. FW200

    SIG Picture Thread

    Uhm, no it's not
  6. FW200

    What's your backup?

    Wa Shan PPK/S... 6mm Co2 GBB pistol, 310 FPS with .2... It's basicly a factory converted Umarex PPK/S but then without trades (which is a plus for me, it's a wannabe Makarov for me)

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