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  1. Teammate Zombiemaster's RPK, SVD and PK I wish these were mine...
  2. Pictures courtesy of Stottman, Egyptian Maadi (locally produced AKM)
  3. Problem with most weathered Ak's in airsoft is that it looks like a sanded down Ak, not a weatherd one... This is the Ak you are talking about? Extreme condition for a gun that young.. must have seen hell This is what a normal used Ak looks like after serious use:
  4. Your Mpi looks awesome, beats a Romanian Ak anyday.. In RS, airsoft and the looks department! German engineering y'all
  5. For the Ak users, a comparison between Ak-47, AKM and Ak-74 handguards: http://www.osnaz.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=150
  6. Anything can be made to fit with some modding.
  7. You're thinking of the KLMK oversuit, that Russian bdu is Flectar-D Looking very nice good, what happened to the hires version?
  8. [13:55] Connecting... [13:55] Unable to connect : java.net.ConnectException : Connection timed out: connect Nope :-/
  9. * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out) - * Connect retry #1 irc.xombo.com (6667) - * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out) - * Connect retry #2 irc.xombo.com (6667) - * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out) - * Connect retry #3 irc.xombo.com (6667) - * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out) - * Connect retry #4 irc.xombo.com (6667) - * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out) Etc...
  10. Down again it seems, maybe it's about time we find a new server?
  11. Quadruple stacks. Last 4 pictures courtesy of Stottman. These were never put into full production though due to problems..
  12. My bdu's: From left to right: MVD "Lazer" pattern bdu. KZS-1 pattern two piece oversuit. KLMK pattern one piece reversible oversuit. TTsKO pattern bdu. M88 "Afgankha" pattern bdu. VSR pattern bdu. ANA "Kamysh" pattern bdu.
  13. It's based on a Russian 60 round polymer mag.. not Chinese.. And where can you get em? I would like some for an RPK
  14. Element metal receiver, Guarder Ak-74 handguards and a real Aks-74 stock modded to be a solid nonfolding stock (Thanks to plasticmag). Also added a siderail for optics. Thanks for the nice comment
  15. CM.031 with 1P29 (Turned into Aks-74N) CM.030 Glock AEP G&G Rk103 (Turned into Ak-74) CA M15A4 Carbine with Guarder Elcan
  16. Unfortunatly it's just a model, it has no moving parts or so... So, it's just for looks, which is a shame because it would be nice to have a modernish working Russian pistol..
  17. More pics in the Ak picture thread
  18. It's infact a copy of the SUIT, but with various changes and improvements. There is an interchangable cam to change into various calibres, there is a rangefinding bit in the sight like on the PSO-1 (Dragunov sight). And it got modified to fit a sidemount offcourse
  19. It's a Soviet-produced 1P29 rifle sight. It's quite difficult to find .. finding pics of it in use is just as hard as finding the scope itself. It was supposed to be the standard sight for Soviet Forces but apparently funding lacked. It's a one piece mount using a normal sidemount.
  20. On the gun is a 1PN58 night sight, and above it a 1P29 daysight http://www.rbs.ru/vttv/99/firms/novoprib/e-1pn58.htm http://www.rbs.ru/vttv/99/firms/novoprib/e-1p29.htm The wood is from a Guarder AK-74, the previous owner changed his furniture so the handguards became available I also have real handguards on my Rk103 and the guarder ones are a very good copy
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