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  1. Doc_Glock

    1911 Picture Thread

    I wanted it for its looks, and I don't care much about upgrade since a just wanted a nice CO2 plinker. Shame that they couldn't go all the way in the detail and quality department. But it's Cyber.... Ok! That's it, this is a picture thread so... They forgot this internal extractor detail on most of the rail guns, it seems.
  2. Doc_Glock

    1911 Picture Thread

    I couldn't stay away from it after all. The new KWC 1911A1 Parkerized from the railgun series. Sorry for the bad image quality, it really should be a much darker tone on the gun.
  3. Doc_Glock

    Review: ASG Dan Wesson 715 revolver

    Ok! here's the end result of a hand polished Dan Wesson 715. Taken with my old phone so not the best image quality, but I hope it will suffice. And thank's Cesare for the inspiration. Before After
  4. Doc_Glock

    Review: ASG Dan Wesson 715 revolver

    @Cesare Thank you! I've done it, and I used autosol chrome polish paste with my dremel and a soft cloth polish head. I used it with great caution and several times and I managed to get rid of most of it. Can still see some shadow though from some angles, as you mentioned.
  5. Doc_Glock

    Review: ASG Dan Wesson 715 revolver

    @Cesare Hi! Would you care to share, how you got rid of those ugly ASG markings. By grinding or chemically, or a combo of both?
  6. Doc_Glock

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Yummy! Nice collection
  7. Doc_Glock

    SMG Picture Thread

    Another little toy of mine.
  8. Doc_Glock

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Ok! I just had to ask, so I knew we're talking about the original soft tip shell.:-) It shouldn't matter, I have the original high power soft tip shells and they work just fine. It sounds like you've got a bad batch of shells maybe. The jet loader that comes with gun isn't really that good neither. Replace them with the RS Speedloaders from HKS, they're cheap in the US. And it'll work even better if your going to use RS "357 Magnum" or "38 Special" shells like I do. It might not be cheaper with the home made shells, but the feeling and function is so nice. Also you can decide what kind of pressure you want in your shells, depending on your choice of hole diameter through the shell.:-)
  9. Doc_Glock

    Revolver Picture Thread

    @ Horsem4n Did you buy the 12 shells with the dark grey metal bullet on them? If so, those shells are not intended for use in the 715. It says so on the manufacturers site. And no, I don't have any guide right now.
  10. Doc_Glock

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Bought a little nice plinking gun a short while ago. Made some of my own shells for it.:-) Some of the shells
  11. Doc_Glock

    Revolver Picture Thread

    @ paranoiddroid. I'm certain that you will find them in any US gun shop. UK gun shops should have them too, but maybe they are harder to find. Check ebay and amazon.too. Sorry for the late response.
  12. Doc_Glock

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Yes! Search for HKS 10-A speedloader it works fine and is even cheaper than the ASG original one. I've tried them and I bought three of them at £9 a piece.
  13. Doc_Glock

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    That's one mean lean shotgun you've got there. Great work CatgutViolin.
  14. Doc_Glock

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Thank you! whiteknight. I bought it on ebay and the brand is Speedfeed
  15. Doc_Glock

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Ok! A little bit to much Maruzen pics lately, I think it's time for something else. A "Book of Eli" project perhaps, with my Tanaka M870 Gangsta magnum. Thinking of just putting some duct tape and black tape on the pistol grip. Shorten the barrel one inch and taking of the beadsight and then adding some chrome vinyl tape to the visible part of the bolt. Or keep it as it is right now, or just make a walnut version of the pistol grip to match the front grip.

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