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  1. And here's the fullsize shotty.
  2. Ah! I might just as well throw in a pic of my little "grooveless bolt shorty shotty".
  3. And finally the end of the silenced ones. That's all folks!
  4. I might just as well go on with the rest of the silent bunch.
  5. Oh! Here's another little toy for team silencer.😊 VFC/Umarex MP5 V.2 with Madbull Gemtech Raptor II
  6. Yeah! That's because the mag hasn't been used yet.😊 Ah! I'll add another pic while beeing here, the last one wasn't that good.
  7. Nope!😄 Genuine GHK mags and very light weight.
  8. Yawn! Yet another vanilla Glock 17, this time from Umarex/GHK. I can't call myself Doc Glock, if I don't at least own one of these little buggers.
  9. It would be lovely if that happens. I've been wanting to get my hands on a full metal one for ages.
  10. Sorry! for a very very very late answer Moddan. On the contrary, I always wanted the bolt without the groove, it looks much more realistic. What I found strange was that APS haven't made bolts witout the groove since the first MK1 as you mentioned Moddan, and all the sudden they show up on the MK3 but not on all of them. I asked them a year or so ago, if they still had some of the old bolts for sale. Back then they replied with a no.
  11. Hi! Is there any kind soul on the forum with a long experience of the APS 870 CAM, that can tell me the point of the long grove on the outside of the bolt. I just recently got my hands on two new MK3 and it seems like there is different bolts on each of them. One with a groove and one without it. Have they missed something in the quality check at APS or? Does it have any serious impact on the weapons function? Because It sure looks better without the groove.
  12. I wanted it for its looks, and I don't care much about upgrade since a just wanted a nice CO2 plinker. Shame that they couldn't go all the way in the detail and quality department. But it's Cyber.... Ok! That's it, this is a picture thread so... They forgot this internal extractor detail on most of the rail guns, it seems.
  13. I couldn't stay away from it after all. The new KWC 1911A1 Parkerized from the railgun series. Sorry for the bad image quality, it really should be a much darker tone on the gun.
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