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  1. DiscoBiscuit

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Ok, I officially release this thread and throw myself on the mercy of anyone from whom I should be seeking mercy (please identify yourselves). But just look at that Bren...
  2. DiscoBiscuit

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    right, sorry...this was dedicated to that incredibly rare, under-followed and under-produced pistol that has been completely ignored by airsoft manufacturers: I give you the Glock 17. Behold!
  3. DiscoBiscuit

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    They should. The sorta crappy NBB's (Marushin?) sell out in seconds on second-hand websites...
  4. DiscoBiscuit

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Right! Plus he had the Detonics back-up. And Tubbs with the shorty...
  5. DiscoBiscuit

    Northeast Mini and full sized Uzi GBB

    But Mr. BigAl, when they do make one, I hope you remember me...even if you're being spoon-fed and wearing man diapers.
  6. DiscoBiscuit

    Northeast Mini and full sized Uzi GBB

    BigAl, the Bren is fake news. I know because I'm the one who faked it, didn't mean for it to be construed as an actual project, just wanted to poke WE into making one! Sorry.
  7. DiscoBiscuit

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Crockett was a crack shot with great trigger control, never needed more than three...
  8. DiscoBiscuit

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    That's Great! How far along are you on the Bren Ten?
  9. DiscoBiscuit

    GHK x Umarex Glock 17

    GHK 18c will be... hard to resist. Like to see some long-slides, too.
  10. DiscoBiscuit

    MODIFY PP-2000 GBB

    If a retailer is willing to take your cash 7 months before a product from a generally unproven manufacturer ships, it's only a short leap to do anything else unseemly. The rule of law may be a little more blurry over there, and in this industry in particular. Just trying to say in a long-winded way...don't pre-order.
  11. DiscoBiscuit

    MODIFY PP-2000 GBB

    ouch, so unacceptable unless the retailer guarantees it and doesn't pass any to the manufacturer
  12. DiscoBiscuit

    MODIFY PP-2000 GBB

    Up for pre-order on WGC. ETA September 2019...do they actually charge your card? My guess is yes, because Modify needs the money for production, if not R&D.
  13. DiscoBiscuit

    WE Hi Power MkIII

    They did a GBB Bren? Seen the NBB and it looked OK in black and like a water pistol in chrome, but haven't come across the GBB. Love to see it get done well (or well enough) like the WE Desert Eagle. I don't think Marushin is up to the task.
  14. DiscoBiscuit

    King Arms Colt Single Action

    Saw a longer video, looks a bit sad and underwhelming. Looking at re-release of the Marushin line of Super-Redhawks.
  15. DiscoBiscuit

    WE Hudson H9

    Hudson would continue to own the IP and Trademarks which are still protected, bankruptcy doesn't mean it's open season to rip them off, it doesn't even necessarily mean they will discontinue operations. The IP and TM will be looked at as assets, however negligible, that creditors can use to make themselves whole or that Hudson will retain in an attempt to restructure.

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