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  1. But you are a tinkering Jedi, I am a mortal, ham-fisted fool.
  2. Which is why I didn't buy this thing despite the Thompson being super cool, the fixes seem so simple to engineer (from a commercial point of view) that I can't give WE my money because they can be such half-a$$es. Add 15% to the price and just do it right.
  3. Nice, what's the range now if you had to guess?
  4. thanks, good and bad news. Mostly bad. Hopefully someone makes a replacement BCG worthy of this gun's coolness. VFC remains quite lame where it counts.
  5. could you ever perform a full auto mag dump? how many platforms that shoot this hard can I wonder?
  6. but I paid a 3rd party an extra $100 to have this thing safely shipped into NY and avoided customs seizures... WHEW! I didn't think there would be any issues with that as the trades are bought and paid for by Umarex, i.e., fully licensed and legal.
  7. Did I miss something? Do you need a new bolt?
  8. Thanks for the review, looking good so far and knocking on wood.
  9. I love this. WE's solution to a problem created by...WE! They should be giving those kits away and begging forgiveness.
  10. I'll have to take a big pass on this, though for some reason I am attracted to the XM177. KWA LM4, please be the shizzle.
  11. Are these a 1 for 1 match of the parts made of Brie on your gun? Or are there other weak parts that they haven't made? Thanks.
  12. Only generalizing, I just happened to quote your post to get started.
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