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  1. But Mr. BigAl, when they do make one, I hope you remember me...even if you're being spoon-fed and wearing man diapers.
  2. BigAl, the Bren is fake news. I know because I'm the one who faked it, didn't mean for it to be construed as an actual project, just wanted to poke WE into making one! Sorry.
  3. GHK 18c will be... hard to resist. Like to see some long-slides, too.
  4. But you are a tinkering Jedi, I am a mortal, ham-fisted fool.
  5. Which is why I didn't buy this thing despite the Thompson being super cool, the fixes seem so simple to engineer (from a commercial point of view) that I can't give WE my money because they can be such half-a$$es. Add 15% to the price and just do it right.
  6. Nice, what's the range now if you had to guess?
  7. thanks, good and bad news. Mostly bad. Hopefully someone makes a replacement BCG worthy of this gun's coolness. VFC remains quite lame where it counts.
  8. could you ever perform a full auto mag dump? how many platforms that shoot this hard can I wonder?
  9. but I paid a 3rd party an extra $100 to have this thing safely shipped into NY and avoided customs seizures... WHEW! I didn't think there would be any issues with that as the trades are bought and paid for by Umarex, i.e., fully licensed and legal.
  10. Did I miss something? Do you need a new bolt?
  11. Thanks for the review, looking good so far and knocking on wood.
  12. I love this. WE's solution to a problem created by...WE! They should be giving those kits away and begging forgiveness.
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