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  1. 2004-2005 period CAG loadout.
  2. My twin WE GBBs. To be as straightforward as possible, I JUST *fruitcage* LOVE THESE GUNS. Changing from AEGs to GBBs was one of the best decisions I have made.
  3. Upgrading little by little from 3col + sg to multicam era Arcteryx Talos combat set Crye CPC(borrowed for a day. Few weeks and mailman brings mine )
  4. Season started wohoo! Super horrible pics of todays kit taken by druken cameraman : Mich 2002 with anvis Propper khaki bdu Pre-msa Paraclete khaki mesh carrier Pre-msa FLC with Pre-msa pouches 3004 safariland for 1911 AWS breacher
  5. And you tell me this right after I have ordered OB kit to my CB m4 God *fruitcage* damn it!
  6. What happened to AWS SF? Looks gay as hell. I approve!
  7. Looks awesome CoolHeart! Any plans to paint it?
  8. You have to click the picture Direct link:
  9. Thanks Pynkpanthyr. It´s actually MRKs but I lended them for a little weekend event. We have 3col "Paraclete" bdus on the way Anual CAGFAG picnic. WL + Paraclete rav. Stick with the classics
  10. Highres versions MICH 2002 Anvis mount + LPBP / Bolle x800 TCI LIB headset Paraclete BDU Paraclete RAV Safariland 6005 1911 +610r
  11. Painted my Mich 2002 today and im quite pleased with the results. Back in black Highresolution photos
  12. And probably third or fourth time you go to the field
  13. Looks like a DBT FAPC. Is one double mag pouch enough or do you use redimag sytem?
  14. Mich 2002 ANVIS+LPBP TCI LIB I Pre-Msa Paraclete CVC carrier Khaki MSA-paraclete/Pre-msa paraclete RACK 3 color gen2 Safariland 6005 1911 + 610r
  15. They were custom tailored by a local tailor. Excellent quality. If you are interested shoot me a PM and I can give you tailors email address. He speaks english and if I remember right he still has blueprints for Large/Regular gen2 set. One pic from todays game. Kitlist: Mich 2002 Anvis mount + LPBP TCI LIB 1 headset Oakley sunglasses WL BDU USGI FR gloves Random desert boots Paraclete HPC: - 2x m4 double - 2x flashbang - Small utility pouch - Universal radio pouch Belt Kit: Eagle padded belt Random rigger belt 3x Paraclete open top pistol pouch Paraclet
  16. Went airsofting today after one year vacation from everything airsoft/gear related stuff. I also forgot my sidearm and holster back home and MRK has my comms so this set is far from complete. KITLIST: MICH 2002 with ANVIS mount and LPBP Oakley sunglasses RAID modded 3col jacket Custom tailored 3col gen2 pants Random desert boots Pre-MSA paraclete HPC with Pre-MSA pouches: - 2x m4 double - Quadtriple pistol pouch - Universal radio pouch - Canteen pouch - Horizontal utility pouch - Small utility pouch - Flashbang and grenade pouch
  17. Thanks MT. Yes they are custom tailored by local tailor. We gave him all the material + real deal crye gen.2 set and after two weeks he was done. Every little detail is copied(seams etc.). They are 1:1 copies of cryes gen.2. Although we had our own personal changes like stretching fabric(we wanted khaki instead of brown. Either brown was too dark or stretching fabric wasnt strong enough), field elbow pads to combat shirts and I wanted brown undershirt to my combat shirt. Call it operator preference.
  18. 3color gen2 sets. Combat shirts have field shirts elbow pad pouches
  19. You have to wait little bit longer for 2010 loadout I have something "way cooler" under work atm.
  20. That´s one hell of a start
  21. Hispeed1 has missed Ranger block II pics? What the hell is going on
  22. Mrk punched me and said that he will rape me if I buy navy seal stuff Though Im planning to custom tailor "fake aor1 stuff" to my 2010 CAG set
  23. We had 4th member in our group. Too bad he was so highspeed that he escaped the scene before we were able to take group photo You can spot him from video + upcoming photos RAPTOR 1-1 hooah
  24. We need to fix this issue Kick *albatross* picture skyflash MOAR PHOTOS
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