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  1. Was the sizing OK for you? I am typically M/L and the vest felt too big, I had to have the front arms shortened by a tailor. Another trouble was with shoulder covers - they were toot tight to be applied on the harness... What is your experience now, does it still hold well?
  2. Thanks for the reply. The point is that the usual clones are more or less deemed unusable - making a direct comparison might be helpful, even though there sure is some area for subjectivity.
  3. The only thing I am interested in reviews of Eotechs is how bad the mirroring in direct sunlight is... AP? What company is that?
  4. I understand and agree with some kind of limitation, but I am in the same spot - I am somewhere in 30's of posts and it could take me a year or more to get to 100th. There are really many discussions I could join going on. Lowering the cap to 50 seems more reasonable to me (obviously ). Or at least hearing what should be the propper length of time to try a member out.
  5. BTW is there any statistic showing how long does it take to reach the 100th post? Or any idea about how long should it take?
  6. Ok, I didn't see that, thank you for explaining.
  7. Most people are concerned about buying from reliable people and I understand that. I have no idea why anyone should be barred from buying though - as long as money are paid...
  8. Ha! I thought there was a classifieds section few years ago. Tried to search it a while ago and found this thread.... Seriously, it should be visible.

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