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  1. Gigueand

    G&P HPA Carbines

    M4A1 is sold.
  2. Gigueand

    G&P PEQ-2 shutting itself off

    My G&P AN/PEQ-2 also took a dump after working well for only one game. Externally they are robust and look great, but internally the wiring must be quite poor. I found this thread that shows the disassembly process. https://www.ar15.com/forums/ar-15/Take_apart_a_chinese_PEQ/20-375627/
  3. Gigueand

    Show us your war room!

    I attached some scrap boards vertically along the studs and then attached the pegboard to the boards. So there's a bit of stand off between the pegboard and the wall itself.
  4. Gigueand

    Show us your war room!

    My gun wall over the years: From top to bottom: G&P M4A1 (Polarstar FE) Tippmann M4 Block II G&P M653 (Polarstar JACK) LCT AK-105 From top to bottom: G&P M653 (Polarstar JACK) G&P M4A1 (Polarstar FE) VFC HK416C (Polarstar JACK) From top to bottom: G&P M653 (Polarstar JACK) G&P M4A1 BLOCK II (Polarstar FE) M723 Aero Precision "AR15-Airsoft Hybrid Thing" (Redline Hurricane) G&P M4A1 Upper Receiver with early GWOT accessories From top to bottom: Aero Precision BLOCK II upper receiver for the "AR15-Airsoft Hybrid Thing" Aero Precision M4A1 upper receiver for the "AR15-Airsoft Hybrid Thing" Doublestar M16A2 upper receiver for the "AR15-Airsoft Hybrid Thing"
  5. Gigueand

    G&P HPA Carbines

    M653 is sold.
  6. Gigueand

    WE G17 Gen5 F-type

    Bren 10 now! If I wanted a normal gun for a normal person I wouldn't be an airsofter.
  7. Gigueand

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Its pretty unbelievable the level to which many, fairly large groups of guys are going for MSW events here in the U.S. Sure, there's your odd .MIL person here or there, but a lot of these are civilian dudes who are going above and beyond. Not only are they building very solid impressions, but they are also acquiring the appropriate sustainment gear plus the equipment needed for successful night antics (NVGs, IR devices, etc). I attended Ruins of Saratov in November and our platoon of 50(ish) dudes had 47 guys with NVGs, 1 guy with thermals only and only two guys who had nothing NVG-wise.
  8. Gigueand

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Speaking as someone who remembers the "old days" of both airsoft (at least in the U.S.) and Arnie's, there's definitely an evolution that longer term players go through. Definitely reminds me of this somewhat famous graphic from paintball. In general, most airsoft players are in the hobby for a season or two - just a couple of years. The primary demographic of airsofters, in my experience, is the 14 - 18 year old crowd. Kids who are old enough to afford the hobby and who are relatively immobile life-wise. They're usually living at home, finishing their undergraduate education and they drift away from airsoft once they leave home and go to university/college. The folks who survive this tend to stick around longer and go through several phases. Speaking for myself, I came over from paintball and into airsoft nearly 15 years ago after having played a decade of paintball. I was, frankly, shocked by the amount of gear and other gucci nonsense people were carrying around (MICH 2000s, CIRAS vests, etc - you can guess the time period...) and I built purely lightweight, functional loadouts. Then as I got more into the hobby and more interested in kit I started buying more gucci stuff (Mayflower, Crye, ATS, TT, etc). Eventually transitioned into building impressions which didn't always work out very well. Nowadays I'm far more interested in having lightweight, functional kit that is comfortable to wear and let's me keep up with the kids. What I've got is still nice (Velocity Systems, PVS-14, etc), great for milsim events, but also totally fine for your average rec play with 12 year olds running to and fro.
  9. Gigueand

    G&P HPA Carbines

    Conditions: - I accept Pay-Pal only. - I will only ship within the United States. - Insurance is recommended, but is at the buyers expense. - I am not liable for lost or damaged items due to USPS/UPS/Fedex, etc. - No refunds, item is sold as is. The item will leave my hands in the conditions described in this thread. I have tried to describe the item as accurately as possible below, but will elaborate if need be. - I am located in Traverse City, MI and am willing to meet up in the general area. - Please send questions via PM, questions posted in this thread may not be answered in a timely fashion. - I am a member of Arnie's Airsoft, Michigan Airsoft (MiA), Airsoft Ohio, Airsoft Forum and Airsoft Retreat. Feel free to look at my buyer/seller ratings on those sites, if you care to. - NO TRADES AT THIS TIME. MESSAGES REQUESTING TRADES WILL NOT BE REPLIED TO. 2011 G&P M4A1 $550 SHIPPED Adult owned and cared for. Purchased by me in 2011 from Airsoft Global. Features the old style "Colt Gray" receiver color and full "M4" Colt trademarks. Upgrades: Polarstar Gen 1 V2 Fusion Engine upgraded with the Gen 2 FCU and Gen 2 wire harness PDI 6.03 300mm Tightbore Barrel Guarder "Clear" Bucking and Nub ProWin Hop-Up Unit MagPul ASAP rear sling plate Cosmetics: Scratches and wear from use. The right side selector cover fell out and has been covered over with a strip of adhesive velcro. Does not impact function. Front sling swivel removed (to allow M203 use). Pictured accessories (AN/PEQ-2, M203, ACOG, Eotech, Sling, flip-up rear sight, etc) NOT included. 2015 G&P M653 $450 SHIPPED Adult owned and cared for. Purchased by me in 2015 from Ehobby Asia. Features the old style "Colt Gray" receiver color and full "A1" Colt trademarks. Upgrades: Polarstar V2 JACK Guarder "Clear" Bucking and Nub ProWin Hop-Up Unit Cosmetics: Scratches and wear from use. Issues: Polarstar JACK is semi-auto only. The trigger board was damaged during installation. Replacement Polarstar Universal Trigger Boards are available for about $30. Pictured accessories (PAQ4-C, Aimpoint Mk III, Sling, Surefire G2 Light & Mount) NOT included.
  10. Gigueand

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    And, in my experience, the level of discourse is significantly higher...
  11. Gigueand

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Well, Titleist did get into some legal trouble for shipping ITAR restricted parts to a member of a biker gang in Finland so...
  12. Gigueand

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Joined in 2006 and been playing somewhat regularly since then. It is too bad what Facebook has done to many of the great airsofting communities of old including Arnie's but also places like Airsoft Canada and my own local forum. Arnie's was truly a great community back in "the day" with all sorts of characters - TheCrunchBunny, Sledge, Stealthbomber, Magz, MasakariJoe, Titleist, DarkLite, CKinnerly - some of whom are still around. The days of the "Clone Wars" where a new replica was released every month and the forums were filled with people posting the latest build trends (Art of Tactical Carbine!) have sadly passed us by. There's a lot to be said for the convenience of Facebook and while the 101 airsoft groups on it are great for some niches (Gothic Serpent kit, early GWOT kit, Polarstar Owners Group, etc) there's a big hole when it comes to having one cohesive community. edit: Is it actually possible anymore to see a full members list for Arnie's?
  13. Gigueand

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    So the AngryGun version isn't very good then? Where is the C&C version available?
  14. Gigueand

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Is that an actual URGI or the AngryGun replica?
  15. Gigueand

    Forum speed?

    I was the one who mentioned via FB that the forum was performing very slowly. My guess at this point is that it has to do with my connection as the forum loads quickly on 4G.

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