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  1. Much appreciated Moosey47
  2. Can you please add an M203 to that Mod1? I have a purist friend who I would rather like to see such a thing.
  3. Only been playing for 6 years so far, so not many in the collection. All of them strung with Elixir's. The sound may take some getting used to, but they last for-flaming-ever! -Fender Stratocaster (California series?). Bought second hand 3 years ago, not great, but good enough. -Yamaha FG730S. My baby. A Christmas present from my parents 4 years ago. Sounds beautiful, feels smooth. I know there may be better guitars out there, but I love her just the same -Ashton D-25VNT. The *bramston pickle* child. Designed in Aussie, made in China, can't think of much worse . Was worth $200
  4. Does this thing ever get gamed?
  5. As long as you can make a marksman/dmr rifle I can't see any other accessories being needed after the planned ones. I saw a pic of a DMR type Masada from one of the Shot Shows, and creamed.
  6. Looking at those pouches, its your m203 with a top mounted M4?
  7. Looking at that pouch, its your m203 with a top mounted M4?
  8. emag eht tsol tsuj uoy (read it backwards)

  9. Agreed. I'm a bit surprised at one thing however. I thought trends recently would have dictated Magpul release some sort of M203/Other 40mm that fits the ACR/Masada/Kangaroo in the way of the EGLM of the SCAR. Some sort of quick swap deal where you just replace the handguard, like the AG36. I apologize if there is one, my search-fu has been of weak lately, but if there isn't what is the chance of one being produced? In either RS form or AS
  10. agreed. any chance of getting a link for desktop sized?
  11. CamOfNZ

    Big Guy.jpg

    "My young friend, would please care to explain to the group why you are wearing a wetsuit?"
  12. Your KA Sig 556 is a carbon copy of my dream gun. Be kind to it, if you break it I shall probably cry

  13. Sadface. There goes my brilliant plan to save on my gear costs by only having to carry one mag.
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