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  1. Does this thing ever get gamed?
  2. As long as you can make a marksman/dmr rifle I can't see any other accessories being needed after the planned ones. I saw a pic of a DMR type Masada from one of the Shot Shows, and creamed.
  3. emag eht tsol tsuj uoy (read it backwards)

  4. Agreed. I'm a bit surprised at one thing however. I thought trends recently would have dictated Magpul release some sort of M203/Other 40mm that fits the ACR/Masada/Kangaroo in the way of the EGLM of the SCAR. Some sort of quick swap deal where you just replace the handguard, like the AG36. I apologize if there is one, my search-fu has been of weak lately, but if there isn't what is the chance of one being produced? In either RS form or AS
  5. CamOfNZ

    Big Guy.jpg

    "My young friend, would please care to explain to the group why you are wearing a wetsuit?"
  6. Your KA Sig 556 is a carbon copy of my dream gun. Be kind to it, if you break it I shall probably cry

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