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  1. davester00

    1911 Picture Thread

    Old pic of some 1911's I have for sale. Sold the ICQB for a RS Kimber now I miss it.
  2. davester00

    SIG Picture Thread

    Fiddle Tan or FDE please. Also maybe a better solution to the front sight and maybe a shorter barrel. I don't know if any of this is possible.
  3. davester00

    SIG Picture Thread

    Fiddle. FDE would have been my first choice. DO IT
  4. davester00

    SIG Picture Thread

    All right she's all cleaned up. SIG 556 1. without optics (my favorite) 2. with optics 3. w/ fore grip and flashlight for when the "freaks come out at night".
  5. davester00

    SIG Picture Thread

    MOSFET in the RAS is already covered up with black shrink wrap. I guess I got to do a better job and color all the red connectors and wires black. Good call which is an easy fix. Yes 1 or 2 front sights. Removal of the stock front sight is a pain I need to go down to the local shop to get the smallest allen key ever made to take it off. Those are green label mags that's why they are shiny. I have a couple PTS mags but i was too lazy to dig. I'm getting old and losing my touch.
  6. davester00

    SIG Picture Thread

    Finally done with my 556. I just have to remove one part.(can anyone guess what it is?) Here she is. KA 556/metal rail ACM: UBR MBUS and some optics. MOSFET and some gauder element internals I hope to never buy another airsoft rifle again. Unless it's a magpul FDE masada.
  7. davester00

    SIG Picture Thread

    I just love me them SIGs Silver Slide TM 226 and KSC 2022
  8. davester00

    SIG Picture Thread

    KA 556 SIG Family KA 556 WA GSR Revolution TM 226r
  9. davester00

    MM VLTOR SBR - Pic 01

    Very nice collection and great photos. I love the weathering you've done on your FDE Magpul M4. There isn't one gun in your collection that I wouldn't make love to. BTW. What rattle can did you find to be the best match for magpul FDE?

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