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  1. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    Yeah, was going to experiment with it, but figured I'd try the shortcut of someone seeing the same symptom already.
  2. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    Had to use the Phase5 version on my real Larue since the Magpul BAD won't fit the Larue lower. Nice piece it is, but not sure it fits the KJW since it replaces the entire bolt catch. Hut, is the bolt release pad thinner or thicker than a real steel one, so you are torquing down on the screw and ripping out threads from the backplate or what? A little less torque and a little more loctite, perhaps? Anyway.......y'all that modified the mag loader to accept a click loader........how is that working out for you? Reference here and earlier in the thread: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk
  3. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    Hut, how are you stripping BAD levers? Been using them on real steel extensively and then on airsoft with no problems at all. Loads of people have in fact.
  4. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    Address the email to KJW to Diana and keep the English fairly simple. She replied to me and we confirmed the order details in less than 48 hours. T_hum is still doing stuff a far as I know. I sent my upper to him last week for the hop mod and should be back sometime this upcoming week. We exchanged a couple emails this weekend also.
  5. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    Pretty sure I used a real one, but it has been a long time since I installed it. Ver2 bolt set arrived, but not bothering to use it until my ver1 set dies, which likely will be ages. More mags just showed up too. And my upper should be back from t-hum shortly.
  6. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    2 mag fills is not sufficient for extended gameplay.
  7. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    Nifty solution I saw was a propane bottle upside down in a pouch with a hose adapter connected to it.....it was mounted on the rear of a player's rig......steel braid hose, as I recall it, that was routed to the front of the player's rig that terminated at an airsoft propane adapter .....he was using it to load M203 shells specifically. And his teammates' also. Those little gas cans like you mention don't have enough volume and the liquid doesn't transfer over well. Plus they have been known to leak.
  8. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    Furthermore, the 'TM is plastic' is one of the older, more overplayed BS lines in airsoft. Their new version M4s are metal body and amongst the most solid out-of-the-box releases out there. The receivers fit very tightly together. Their M14 release years ago had a metal receiver. The Type89 had metal receiver. Their new version AK line has metal receivers. In the past 5 years, TM releases have had plastic where there should be plastic and metal where there should be metal. It is silly to judge TM as being too much plastic based on their releases in the 1990s and very early 2000s. Even
  9. SCS and stock hop rubber, yes. However, it has an EDGi tightbore in it, so 'no' on the stock barrel aspect of your question. Very consistent performance, although I don't have actual test measurement numbers to share.
  10. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    Sure, PM is fine.
  11. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    Yes, owned both. Externals, weight, realistic look, capability of heavier recoil than KJW - Inokatsu wins this hands-down. Very impressive build to the body and such. Actually functioning out of the box with reliable mags, bolt stop, and stable firing - KJW blows the Ino out of the water. Out-of-the-box, the KJW wins for function and how a GBBr should reliably work. You can make an Ino or other WA-based gun work.....with lots of time and lots of money. Personally, I'd rather save both and just have a rifle that works. Pro-Win mag is overrated IMO. Weak feed lips, for starters
  12. Which GBBr do you have? The WE and WA-based ones suck IMO and align with your comments. The KJW rifle however works great out of the box with mags that don't leak. Externally-powered GBB rifles alleviate all of your comments although people whine about the remote hose, regardless of the superior recoil. Thus, the TM recoil series and the KJW GBBr are both good paths IMO for those that don't want to take the full plunge into externally-powered GBBr.
  13. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    t_hum, I've only had the chance to install the extension as I've been rather busy. Hope the tightbore works out per your comments earlier. BTW, all the upgrades look fantastic and professionally delivered, thanks.
  14. AustinWolv

    KJW M4

    Thanks to the guys putting in all the testing and reading this thread, along with others, my KJW is inbound. Very pleased to see the reliability results that have been chronicled.
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