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  1. God I love the SVD. It's no1 on my rifle to get list. Liking that last pic Trasher.
  2. Yeah the wood looks way better now. Did you stain it?
  3. That's good to know. This gun is on my list of ones to get. I was told by a friend who used to be in the Soviet army that they used to tie a spare cleaning rag onto the cheek rest to replace the pad when they lost it.
  4. I assume this is mounted on the side or underslung. Has anyone tried the helmetcam things you get for bmxing and stuff?
  5. That's a really gorgeous looking gun. Is the cheek rest thingy as prone to coming off this as on the previous ones? I've heard even the real version had that problem.
  6. One thing I've always found really handy is this stuff- A bit too bulky to carry around on webbing but if I ever find a travel bottle I'll take it everywhere.
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