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  1. Old picture of my SIG locked away in storage in the U.S. I will liberate it from its dark prison around Christmas when I travel home. I have a new A.R.M.S. replica mount for the Aimpoint replica now and i plan to buy a cheekpiece for grins as well.
  2. PGC Metal Slide and Frame with Custom Engraved Faux Ivory Grips
  3. lol, thanks man... I knew it had to be the windows. But, since you said there were two things I was reaching for a second thing and that is why I guessed about the motor. Where the heck is it located in that thing?
  4. OK, guess time.... Is it the extra windows along the back and maybe that it is built on a van layout and the engine and tranny sit between the front seats?
  5. Sorry for not checking this thread before now. The BDUs I am wearing are modern styled and made by TrueSpec and licensed byTigerstripe Products. I used to wear repops of Vietnam styled advisor camo with correct buttons and such but they faded too quckly and at $90 a set I bought two and decided I didn't want to buy a third. You can find those at www.mooremilitaria.com Advisor Shirt Advisor Pants I am actually from Texas and I am living temporarily in New Zealand (until Dec. 2006)
  6. I am getting so much mileage out of this series of pics that I took of my M4. If you guys are getting sick of it just let me know. The reflex site pictured on top of the ACOG is a TEG Option "model" that bought from Dentrinity so I could use the mount for my real Firepoint reflex site. I just got the real one yesterday and the preliminary word is that I think I am going to have to get used to the height of the thing. I mean it isn't bad at all but just higher than I am used to. I will try to site it in and report the actual use of it. I have liked the ACOG for a couple of years now and never g
  7. Squarepusher, I have to say that I like your rifle even though typically I don't like the long front with a telescoping stock. I think the "chunky" stock helps balance it visually for me.
  8. Me in New Zealand Me in Texas This lat one is a team mate. Someone else too the pick but I like it so I included it.
  9. Sepia is a good setting to add some "artsy" feel.....
  10. Yes it is.... Although, last weekend I was using my aimpoint because of the rain. I couldn't zero out my ACOG.
  11. Double posting at its finest.... The only gun in the above picture that I still own is the SG1 in back Tokyo Marui SIG 552 *Hurricane Metal Body *Hurricane Upgrade kit (Systema Spring, Ball Bearing Piston Head and Spring Guide, Polished Cylinder, Metal Cylinder Head, Air Nozzle) *Systema Polycarb Piston *Guarder Steel Bushings *Systema Spur Torque Up Gears *Guarder Aimpoint Replica *Laylax 113mm Suppressor *Systema 6.04 M4 Inner Barrel that goes right to the end of the suppressor *9.6v 30 amp discharge 1100 mah battery As soon as I get home
  12. Long time lurker.... First time poster Scratch built by me.... *G&P SR16 M4 body *G&P M4 RAS Barrel Assembly *Systema BS 6.04 Tightbore Barrel *G&P Rail Covers *ICS 6 Position Stock *First Factory G27 pistol grip *G&P ACOG with killflash and Jpoint red dot site mounted *Marui rear flip up site *Progear 7mm gearbox -Prometheus 7mm ball bearing bushings -Systema Helical Torque Up Gears -Hurricane Type 0 Cylinder and Ball Bearing Spring Guide -Guarder Dual O-Ring Cylinder Head -G&P "Polymide" Piston and Piston Head with Beari
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