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    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    Hey guys. Alright, so Ive almost pretty much decided to get a TM 5-7, I just want to know a few details before I take the plunge. Keep in mind this is my very first GBB or Gas pistol I have ever owned. 1: Ive heard that the 5-7 is a decently built gun, but after a while has had problems with green gas. Is this true, and is there a way to remedy it? 2: This sort of goes along with the previous point. Ive heard a lot about the guarder upgrade kit, what exactly does it do? Does it help reinforce the structure of the pistol so it can take green gas (or take it better)? Does it improve the look, feel or functionality? Is it really worth it in the long run. 3: I see there are newer models on Red Wolf that include a small LAM unit of sorts and a different tone. Is it worth it to get that version over the standard black variant? Are there any differences besides tone and LAM unit? I would normally go with the FDE variant but the color doesnt quite look right, so I would prefer the standard black look. If I could get this questions answered, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!

    Artistic Airsoft

    I dunno, for me personally they seem a hell of a lot more realistic and show more "emotion" (if you will) than some of these other shots that are taken into photoshop, cropped, filtered, resized, and messed with so much that it barely looks like the original shot, that didn't even look that great to begin with. And than people Oooo and Ahhhh over it because it has pretty colors or some crazy manipulation work. And thats cool, I can understand that. Graphic design is just as much an "art" as photography, but I feel like to get a really GOOD, unedited photo, it takes far more work and garners far more respect. With that said, most of my shots are not very interesting because I lacked the know how and understanding of what makes a good photo the last time I took my camera out, which was over a year ago. Although I am impressed I got what I did with the crappy camera and lack of artistic knowledge I had. Also the camera I had (even though it was a point and shoot) was a relativly expensive camera so I didnt want to get TOO close the action and see it get damaged. And of course I tried not to get in the way of the other players. Uhg this kind of response irks me too. It's fine to have an opinion on someone else's work, but to say its not worth posting is a bit absurd. Everyone should have the chance to show off their work and have it "critiqued" no matter how awful it might look. Closing off the thread to only the really great shots is a very close-minded approach. Instead why don't we welcome some shots that people think are artistic and show them what could be done to improve the shot. That way we get both something to look at and we are helping a fellow member. I dunno, maybe I'm asking too much, this is an airsoft forum after all. Airsoft doesnt exactly gather the most mature crowds and sitting behind a keyboard doesnt help much.

    FN Picture Thread

    Oh yeah I can understand that, but still was there need for an over reaction? Maybe im blowing this out of proportion, but simply being respectful goes a lot further than laughing at the "newb's" uncommon knowledge of everything airsoft. Even though preference to a certain brand is largely subjective. And what I meant to by "a good company" is meaning a reliable company at a slightly cheaper price point of close to 200 bucks. Oh and sorry too about somehow making Socom Gear seem "better" than a TM. The only thing that I can see that is "better" than TM is that most or all of thier guns are made of full metal (The ones that are real steel of course, I know the Five-seveN is made of polymer) and that the price is slightly less for what you get. Or at least thats the way I see it in my eyes. I am a newb when it comes to pistols but I've been playing for a while now and know what company is "better". And I know that TM is widely seen as the best, weather it be true or not. I honestly can not give an opinion on that seeing as I have yet to hold one.

    FN Picture Thread

    Woah hit a nerve somewhere guys? Sorry bout the Socom Gear reference. I have yet to hold either a Socom Gear or TM pistol. I know TM is universally acclaimed, I have just been looking into the Socom Gears and they seem to be very solid guns, especially for the price. Not to be rude or anything but I expected a slightly more respectable response out of a forum that is held in such high regard. Then again I guess I shouldnt be surprised that airsofters are incredibly elitist.

    FN Picture Thread

    Really? Thats a bummer. I would love to see Socom Gear come out with one. From what Ive seen, they make a mean pistol.

    FN Picture Thread

    Sorry for being so slow here, but other than TM, does anyone make a decent Five-seveN? I have a SCAR H SSR (Pictures soon ) and would love to get my hands on a Five-seveN for a decent price by a good company. Thanks They are beautiful guns!

    Artistic Airsoft

    Oh yeah I know. I just wanted to contribute something. Back when I took these (back in November) I was using a small little viewfinder camera with mostly auto settings and honestly didnt really care, I was just getting some interesting shots for a website. With that said, Im hoping to get back out there with an actual SLR with adjustable settings and then trying my best to actually getting those "artsy" shots.

    Artistic Airsoft

    Oh no I can dig that. Like I said, Im not a big fan of using photoshop. It can make a ###### shot look amazing. I prefer to actually take what I have around me and make the best with no editing whatsoever. Thats more artistic and "purest" if you ask me.

    Artistic Airsoft

    Ok so here is the first post!! Im not really into the photoshopping thing. I like using it, but I like getting stuff more natural and seeing the beauty in what is set before you with little to no manipulation or editing. These were all taken with a mildly decent camera but I just got a digital SLR (About twice the resolution as this one) and ive been itching to get out and try to get some good airsoft shots. Lemme know whatcha think!

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