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  1. MrBond

    KRISS Thread

    You sir, are quite right. I actually had them mixed up and thought it was the other way around... So here's mine to give this thread some love (and since I posted it in the wrong section), I haven't found many pictures of that optics set-up so here it goes...
  2. MrBond

    KRISS Thread

    It's because there's two of them and this one is the least used http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/207477-kwa-kriss-vector-gbb/
  3. Here's mine, haven't found many pictures of that optics set-up so here it goes...
  4. I've tried the IMI holsters for the Glock 17 and the 20/21 but with a Marui G17 who had a Guarder frame and PGC slide... The G17 holster was too tight but not by much and the G20/21 was slightly loose... you have to pick your poison. The Blackhawk serpas for G20/21 on the other hand fits absolutly perfect (with my setup, not the Marui original frame). FYI, RS Glocks 20/21 have a 3mm difference in width to the 17.
  5. If what happened with Glock is anything to go by, mags and parts shouldn't be a problem for the future...
  6. Just got mine today... does anybody else feel the return spring for the charging handle is a bit weak?
  7. The newer PGC slides are fine for molded type holsters BUT the problem will come mostly with the the original or Garder lower frames... they are 1-2mm too wide. They fit great in Glock 20-21 holsters tho (as far as the Blackhawk serpas are concern).
  8. I'd sure love to see the area on the BBU that needs to be filed down... I was actually waiting for that feedback to order one.
  9. ACM GBB with 150% recoil spring VS Marui springer
  10. The family... All Marui. Enhancements on the G17 and G18c are: Guarder reinforced frames, PGC slides, Guarder enhanced guide rods with 150% recoil springs, Guarder Steel Night Sights, Nine Ball recoil buffers, Shooters Design mag catches, Guns Modify serial number tag plates (safeties removed).
  11. Not for pistols yet tho...
  12. Btw I've worked a couple of years in film productions, a while as a stunt man, and that's actually how I discovered airsoft. Using airsoft completely changed the game for the better in movies, the security issues were quite complex and a hassle with real steel, and don't even get me started with the insurance issues. Brandon Lee would probably be alive today if they had used airsoft in The Crow...
  13. Yup, just as long as the PDW...
  14. Got bored and decided to do my own Glock 18c based SMG and was pleasently surprised by the result. TM Glock 18c Building Fire Compensator/Front-end PGC Metal slide Guarder Steel night sights Magpul PTS RVG Nine Ball buffer/recoil spring Shooters Design metal magazine catch
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