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  1. Tyr, ATS and LBT all make small hydro carriers.
  2. Looks better than the VAS IMO, it's nice to see a change. Also, are there several versions of the replica l4g24 out there? Yours looks very bronze while some other pics I've seen make them look more silver like the real one.
  3. Dechande, those kits are looking awesome. Great job on those, as well as the ones you posted in the MFR thread.
  4. After going through a few replica sights I just recently got one of these. To start with, it came from Hawaii to Michigan in about three days. That is seriously unbeatable for free shipping. Big props for that. As for the sight, I can only reaffirm what others have said. It's really bright, well built and has very minimal ghosting, which is only really visible if you have it all the way bright and you are in low light conditions. So far this one looks like a keeper for me.
  5. Like everything about them, no one really knows for sure. There isn't any photographic evidence to suggest that they were ever used, and if anything they were maybe used for a short time in the early 2000s and then canned.
  6. No, an IBH just won't cut it for a CAG kit. There were only a few hundred of those ever in existence and they were rejected after testing by Navy SEALs. That was years ago already and it just isn't logical that anyone would be wearing one within the last few years. Stick with a 2002 or airframe for a CAG kit. The plate carrier in my pic is a Crye JPC.
  7. Crye multicam ACs. AC aor1 was/is in use a bit, but the most recent pics are a couple years old. I don't know what you mean by "low profile helmet" but the Crye Airframe is what is in use right now. Here is some of my kit for my 2011/2012ish CAG impression
  8. Guys, it's a mich 2001 replica with FAST helmet arc rails, hence the weird look. Ops core makes Arc rails for the mich helmets and they fit just fine on the 2000, 2001, and 2002. MSA also made Arc rails for the mich series helmets before the production rights were sold to ops core. These ones have a slightly different shape than the ops core mich version. The FAST helmet has a totally different cut so that the rails are not even compatible with any mich helmets, hence the extra holes drilled in cheap replicas that use the FAST type rails. For reference MSA mich rails http://i846.photobuc
  9. If you fit a medium mich2000/ACH then you should be fine. I have a moderately small noggin and it works for me, but it could go a bit larger. Also, if absolutely necessary, there is a bit of overlap between the two pieces of the shell and you could expand it a bit to create a little more room.
  10. Medium. I have one and it fits perfectly.
  11. Anyone know how the quality of these sights compares to the new replica EXPS? I like the look of the EXPS better and for once the clones have the correct FDE finish, but function is still more important to me. I'm trying to decide between the two. This would be my third eotech replica and so far I haven't been altogether satisfied with either of the ones I've had. I currently have a 551 that is alright, ghosting isn't too bad, has real trades, but sometimes doesn't want to turn on, isn't very bright, and seems like it may have parasitic battery drain. edit: this is the EXPS I am refering
  12. As it has been said many times before coloration varies from batch to batch with both clones and the RS. The finish seems to be less consistent with the replicas, but I had a socom gear one that looked pretty much spot on. I never compared to to a real one, but from literally every picture I saw mine looked spot on. I have seen plenty of others that also look pretty much perfect, as well as plenty that just look awful.
  13. Ah, nice. I see some up for about $5 right now, only in black and ACU though. I may have to watch out for one in RG though. At the moment though I am mainly looking to hold one or two thunder b's up front rather than buddy ones on my back. I have one paraclete fb pouch already and it looks like it is about the same size, I just wanted to figure how I was going to carry them before I make the plunge on a couple thunder b's.
  14. Are those paraclete large FB pouches in that last pic frogfish? Any chance they hold thunder b's?
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