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  1. I just picked up a VFC 416C GBB and I wonder about the mags for it, I can never tell when it is full of gas. Is it the mags or is there a differnt type of fill vaule that will blow back when the mag is full? Thanks
  2. wilekcmc

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    I really like the KWA SPR that you have.
  3. Thanks for the info may try the guarder clear, can only shoot 290 fps do to the 1J law here. What kind of nub did you use? Thanks again
  4. Yea the peq battery box was the easiest for me, like your post.
  5. Ok i understand this is for the Scar Light but i hae a question on the Scar H, hoping someone ca help me with. Is there a tappet plate that is better then the stock one? All ready had to replace it after three games. Thanks
  6. Yea the lack of the rail is a draw back but i added one. Glade you like the 97 it is fun to use.
  7. Need some help please, My select lever will not work on sime that much. Auto works grate i rememrber a fix for this but cant find it. some help please. Also what would be some great upgrade for greas, Thanks
  8. Thanks enjoyed the review and sarcasm.
  9. After cleaning up my t97 and replacing the piston, I decided to see how much of a difference in wear and tear with the 97B. I must say i was surprise to see everything is going well and the piston does not need replacing. Don’t know if this because i use a 3 round burst instead of full auto. Here are some pics for you all, and yes this is my primary weapon last season.
  10. Thats what i did with the first one t97
  11. Running around 300 fps Will be opening it up in a day or so to see how the piston is holding up.
  12. To tell the truth i havent opened it up since the end of the season. But i will say this with the 11.1 lipo i never had a problem, please rember i am using one of the best fets yo can buy.
  13. I just got mine in today and love how it feels, yes it does have the screw but i don't care, i use real sword mags so good to go. Enjoyed your review and the info, thanks.
  14. This is what i got of of mine when i first did this review, i only use a 11.1V lipo NIMH 8.4 volt =12 Rounds Per Second Lipo 7.4 volt 20C at 2200mah = 12 Rounds Per Second Lipo 11.1 volt 20C at 1300mah = 24 Rounds Per Second
  15. Bummer to here what happen, like to here how it does after you get it back.
  16. Glade to see someone else picked one up and you are enjoying it. Any beefs/dislikes about it.
  17. The only mag i have found to work with out moding the back side of it was a couple of ICS stander mags.
  18. Glade to see you put part of the battery in the front hand grip. What did you use to close up the base or did you leave it open? As for a lipo, i used my right side rail for a peq battery case. Love the way yours looks with the attachments. Personally still looking for a nice/different type of scope for it, but no luck yet.
  19. I can confirm that they are the same length for you.
  20. Cool i a looking forward to seeing what the g&p140 is doing for you. I wish i could use a 120 spring Enjoy the game.
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