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    Real Sword Type 97

    Real Sword Type 97 Personal Review I've been looking around now for a new AEG but didn't want something that you see every weekend on the field. So I contacted Real Sword and they hooked me up with their Type 97 AEG. Please remember that this is from my point of view, we all have different ways at looking at things. Table of Contents First Impressions Real Steel History Appearance/Feel/Build Quality Internals To Be Continued First Impression Will i have to say that i am impressed with the care in which they package their products. Everything is protected with foam cushions and neatly packaged. When I opened the box the first thing i saw was the Japanese Certificate meeting the one joule limit (I live in Japan so there's a one joule limit). The purchase includes the following items: Type 97 AEG, Small Tool Kit, Oil Container, 130 Round Mag, Extra Muzzle (Not The Orange One That Came With It). Cleaning Rod, BB Loader, Owner's Manual and a Quick Reference Take Down Guide (Not Shown In Photo). Battery is not included with the AEG and is a custom style. With this purchase for Real Sword I included an extra 130 round mag, 300 round high cap mag and the 97 picatinny mount base. At this point I am pleased with what i have, but the real test of this AEG is how it handles, its construction and upkeep. Real Steel History Sorry but i am not going into the history of the Type 97. If you would like more information on the real steel, please checkout the Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QBZ-95 Appearance/Feel/ Build Quality Picking up the Type 97 seemed to be very natural and comfortable, compared to the real steel the weight of the AEG was surprisingly light. movement and handling of the AEG is easy, fits tight against your shoulder, trigger feels to be in the right place, along with the front hand grip. This will also make a good CQB weapon besides as the Standard Assault Rifle. All of the steel and polymer used on this AEG looks great and seems to be of high quality. The front and rear sights are easy to use and are at a good height from the base of the AEG. One thing that is needed is to make shore after each usage that the AEG is wiped down with some kind of gun oil to help prevent rust. There are only three markings on this AEG, serial, select switch and a warning label. Hop up adjustment is easy, pull back the charging handle and it will open the ejection port exposing the adjustment knob. The port only opens about half of a inch or so. The mag release is only on this side of the AEG and that's is the ejection round side/hop up is located, right by the warning label. part 1 part 2 Now for something interesting, the way they set up the mount for your scopes, red dots and so on, was thought out. They used a good heavy peace of steel that was lathed and set in the carrying handle. What you see is that the steel can support the weight, but also the carrying handle re enforces the rail system for your scopes/red dots. Before After Rail Installation Internals Now we are to the heart of this AEG, what makes it work and how well it will stand up to other AEG's and its performance. For the take down, i will use the quick reference guide that was provided. 1. Push though the stock butt pin (pin does not remove from the slide well), then remove the rear stock when pulling the cocking lever to the rear. Pull the cocking lever to the rear and reove the screw on the dust cover. This will expose the mecbox. 2. Remove the fixed screw on the rear trigger lever. Set the selector lever to the A position and pull the trigger. The trigger lever will break lose. 3. Pull the upper carry handle back and upwards to remove it. 4. Remove the lower hand guard pin, Pull the lower hand guard down and forward and remove it. 5. Look down were the trigger is and this is where you place your battery. Part 3 6. Remove the fixed on the rear part of the mechbox, this will allow you to remove the machbox. 7. Remove the two screws holding your hop up unit in place. Then pull back on the unit to remove the inner barrel. There's a surprises here, the inner barrel is a smooth tight bore with a length of 485mm. The hop up rubber is that of a stock AEG. Over all take down is not that hard but if you are not use to it, it can take time. All the metal is well oiled and fits well together. No lose parts or wobbles that I can see. As for the battery it may be better to leave it in for recharging, but for long term storage its best to breakdown the AEG and remove it. Recharging can be done though the bottom of the hand grip. Here's an option for you if you don't want to use the custom battery, try a LIPO, it will fit in the trigger handle. The Mecbox · The outer cover of the mechboxs has a finished coating to it, you can also see the 7mm ball bearings. · Spring is a SP90 with a polycarb spring guide with metal base. · Reinforced piston and ball bearing piston head · The gears are well made and are up to standards · Standard cylinder To Be Continued This is the first part of a two part review; the second half will cover the Performance, Pro, Cons, Mods and The Final Word of the Type 97 AEG. This post has been promoted to an article
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    The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

    I just picked up a VFC 416C GBB and I wonder about the mags for it, I can never tell when it is full of gas. Is it the mags or is there a differnt type of fill vaule that will blow back when the mag is full? Thanks
  3. wilekcmc

    My Family

    I really like the KWA SPR that you have.
  4. wilekcmc

    Real Sword Type 97

    Thanks for the info may try the guarder clear, can only shoot 290 fps do to the 1J law here. What kind of nub did you use? Thanks again
  5. wilekcmc

    Real Sword Type 97

    Whats your FPS on your 97?
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    MS338 Upgrade Kit

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    IMG 0091

    From the album: MS338 Upgrade Kit

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    IMG 0090

    From the album: MS338 Upgrade Kit

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    IMG 0089

    From the album: MS338 Upgrade Kit

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    Real Sword Type 97

    Yea the peq battery box was the easiest for me, like your post.
  11. wilekcmc

    Real Sword Type 97

    Yea the lack of the rail is a draw back but i added one. Glade you like the 97 it is fun to use.
  12. wilekcmc

    Real Sword 97B Review Pics

    Pics used in the review of the Real Sword 97B
  13. wilekcmc

    King Arms X47 Review

  14. wilekcmc

    Real Sword Type 97

    If you take apart the switch be careful, there's a small spring in there and its easy to lose or not see and you will have reattach it to the mechbox..
  15. wilekcmc

    Real Sword Type 97

    When i installed my fet, i had to open the mechbx to clean out the switch due to some of the plastic sticking to each other. I sidder my own wires to the switch and may over heated them a bit. This caused some sticking for me.
  16. wilekcmc

    King Arms AK X47

    Pictures of a custom AK
  17. wilekcmc

    Real Sword Type 97

    There's is a mod for using the AK 56 series spring guide with bearing, please check out real sword site for more info. I am going to have to try this one out. http://www.realsword.com.hk/faq1.htm#8
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    Real Sword Type 97

    Should have it up sometime next week hopefully.
  19. wilekcmc

    Real Sword Type 97

    Would anyone be interested in seeing a review done on the 97B?
  20. wilekcmc

    Real Sword Type 97

    Last night my new Real Sword 97b came in. Here is a pic of it, along with my 97 and P90.
  21. wilekcmc

    Real Sword 97B

  22. wilekcmc

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Black Sabbath, original members only
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    Real Sword Type 97

    Yea the hopup and piston are pretty cheap. The one thing i don't like about the hopup system are the two small screws that hold it in place, pain to get to and i am afraid that i may strip one.
  24. wilekcmc

    Real Sword Type 97

    Stock piston
  25. wilekcmc

    Real Sword Type 97

    Will the season here is almost over so i decide to open the mechbox to see what has been going inside. The only wear and tear that i could find was the piston, see photo. Please remeber i have used the hell at of this AEG and the only battery has been a 11V lipo. So i a extreamly happy to see only the piston needed replacing, the price of a piston from ehobby is $9.99 each All the gears, shims and bushings look new.

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