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  1. Please mafioso do a proper steel, co2, advanced inner frame and proper quality combat commander.
  2. I would Probably get the Cybergun version instead, not a huge fan of marui pistols in stock form. The FNS 9 is better then any marui pistol out of the box IMO. The Maruis are design and produced as cheaply as possible and are considered “budget” items in Japan but after import duties etc they are actually quite expensive for us to buy and because of that they don’t represent value for money. VFC are quite good these days as well.
  3. Metal gear solid phantom pain is a must if your into campaign
  4. Just bought the new g&p bolt for the WOC series. It has a roller that actually works really really well. The snap of the bolt slamming back is better then any other green gas powered AR iv owed or used which is all of them bar a inokasu. Only the GHK on co2 has better kick but only marginally. I’m in love with the G&P WOC again.
  5. Love the new G&P bolt for the WOC with roller!! My god this make a huge different, so so smooth. The kick is nearly as good as a co2 Ghk. This make the WOC semi relevant again IMO thank god I always loved the build quality of the WOC.
  6. Their are forums out their to discuss port and other alcoholic beverages FYI.
  7. Arnies used to be great!!! I still come for the odd bit of news but the days of really cool collectors showing off their expensive toys is sadly gone. We are left with a somewhat smaller younger group who are not really into the really expensive pieces, but more into small chat about random topics on off topic forums. The OGs like wolf George, squad 701 and many more use Instagram and facebook now, I think Nonex is the only OG around these day but his post are few compared to older days. Arnies hasn't been the same for years
  8. Hey dudes i was thinking of setting up a AR15 gas blowback only picture trend, would that be ok and acceptable??
  9. Looks great !! For the price Guarder stuff is not bad at all especially the newer kits. Not sure if this is spamming but their is a cheap nova kimber kit in the classified section.
  10. Amazing!!! Love the grips, like a katana.
  11. Beautiful!!! Love everything about it. So perfect.
  12. Man that's sweet!!! Love the grip also love the fact scars can take an ar 15 grips. Scope a bi pod are so cool. Man makes we want to buy one......must resists. I'm so jelly!! edit: the fns 9 would make a great back up pistol for this beauty.
  13. It's a very nice build in all fairness!!
  14. Just bought a surefire x300u for my new VFC fns. It's only a replica version, bought it on eBay for £45 including shipping. Should take a month to come like everything I get on eBay.
  15. Yes Sir, my favourite 1911s, think it's because of the rear sight.
  16. https://imgur.com/a/pqSdIeT
  17. Just got four new kjw co2 mags for my mafioso 1911s, probably the best airsoft 1911s ever made IMO. Also just finished building my nova lapd's (two identical builds) the new version with "advanced inner frame". So I'm s happy camper ATM. Got five top of the line kimbers to drool over.
  18. Wow !!!! Beautiful guns lads !!!
  19. Arnies needs to host pictures, even at a small cost. People couldn't be arsed with third party photo services. It not worth the hassle IMO
  20. That KWC is very nice looking indeed. We some 3rd party kits though, the KWC 1911 seems a popular choice these days.
  21. Ha ha yea, I'm a condition 5, I build beautiful guns but couldnt be arsed dealing with photbucket so don't even post pictures any more but when I do they are really really photos
  22. Ha I would never of Known, looks really nice though, I'm jelly!!
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