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  1. ZenMastaT

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Woah, nice didn't know that. S&W love aside, what is this: Right above it near the bottom - appears to be a Colt Navy type revolver possibly? Is this a Tanaka?
  2. ZenMastaT

    Revolver Picture Thread

    I seem to recall snowman stating that the silver M500 was in the works, but it hasn't been spotted at any online retailer or news site yet, unfortunately.
  3. ZenMastaT

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Speaking of S&W Model 29s in Midnight Blue... Thank you Redhawk for selling this to me, I owe you one. My revolver quest is now complete.
  4. ZenMastaT

    Revolver Picture Thread

    I like the scope quite a bit - I think Redhawk mentioned he got it for around $50. The eye relief is a tiny bit shallow which would be very bad if it were a real gun, but since its not you can just hold it a little closer and all things work out. I'd very much recommend attaching a scope to a Redhawk.
  5. ZenMastaT

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Posted already by Redhawk but I can't help myself, I just like it so much. Tanaka Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Magnum w/ NCStar 4x 32mm Pistol Scope
  6. ZenMastaT

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Whee the revolvers came in today, both of these models have been posted before but I imagine theres no such thing as "enough" pictures. Tanaka S&W PC629 Marushin Taurus Raging Bull 6.5in
  7. ZenMastaT

    Revolver Picture Thread

    I don't have a chrono so I can't give you accurate figures on either gun FPS wise unfortunately. If you take a trip down ASR way you can see a review written by "seth" which may be more helpful, for the S&W 500 at least.
  8. ZenMastaT

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Fine I just posted these in the other thread because this one didn't exist but now you're going to get it. Redhawk, if you EVER sell that S&W M29 in Midnight Blue please let me know because I will buy it in a heartbeat. Having sold my Ruger Redhawk .454 Cassul I must weep, since it is the only gun I have ever regretted selling.
  9. ZenMastaT

    ZenMastaT's Guns


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