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  1. Woodland + Tan Gear = Awesome.
  2. The black square lets her down.
  3. You don't really have a choice do ya?
  4. Looks like a MAV with X-Harness.
  5. I love you sooooo much

  6. Jumping off a building like it something you do everyday lol. I'm speechless
  7. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...t=0&start=0
  8. Hehe cool, I used to wear glasses but apparently don't need to now :S
  9. Do you look like a fly with them on?
  10. Both WW2 loadouts look awesome, loving the potato masher in the boots.
  11. You look in dire need of a poo, but yeah it looks badass.
  12. Two very nice guns right there.
  13. I think it's beacuse you have your mag pouches slightly off to your 'strong' side, which would mean more awkward reloads assuming you use your left hand to grab a mag. Might be worth trying them more central or off to your weakside.
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