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  1. Yes. I have my MagnumBB Cold Shot ready and a spare tank on order. Will report with results once converted.
  2. Well damn, Someone beat me to an M4 mag conversion. I wonder if I should continue...
  3. KWA Mp9, Black lower and Ranger Grey upper. Sitting on an overturned pallet.
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  5. I am familiar with the npas, my valves are pretty much fixed position npas units In my observations with the Ns2 engines, the redirected gas load is negligible. Anyways. The Kriss valve will probably end up having a valve different from the LM4. Fingers crossed I'll have a good version coming soon.
  6. Not exactly. It is all relative. The strength of the redirected gas has a HUGE effect on the output speed of a .2-.3 gram BB, but the mass of a bolt is leagues heavier. The increased power is something that can probably be shown on paper, but negligible in practice. Drop of water to fill a thimble vs drop of water to fill a cup kind of thing.
  7. The idea behind the valve is pre-engaging the system to close sooner. Less gas escaping the front of the cylinder decreases FPS. A valve longer than stock will do that. The problem is that length is only 1 issue and local temperature is also a variable that contributes to fps output. I tend to have the valves produce an fps lower than CQB legal to account for temps. A cqb valve that produces 330FPS at 60*F is going to be too hot if the player plays in 85*F+ weather. The current valve will work, but once it becomes hotter, the FPS output might increase. I am working with l
  8. My original is pretty much only good for the M9/Mp7/Mp9. I am still working on an LM4/Kriss Valve.
  9. NICE! That is an amazing solution. Loads better than what I am working on.
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