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  1. I had exactly the same problem after a very short time. I had a large airbubble inside the metal part. It was replaced with an identical TM part, but I have doubts if I won't get the same problem in the long run. It's obviously one of the week parts.
  2. Oooh, you've got a funcky colored liner there !
  3. Today I went to the shop with the broken slide-stop. They took a new one from another PX4 they had in stock without arguing. So now my PX4 is in perfect shape again and I hope and pray this will not happen again ! Can anybody tell me what other parts are prone to breaking? Apart from the slide-stop and the spring you will lose when this happens, I remember someone said some kind of spring ( hammer ? ) has a tendency to break. I ask because I'm thinking of ordering some spare parts in Japan just in case...
  4. Ok thanks. I wasn't clear enough. I really meant the Fast Base Jump model ( with the venting holes ), but you seem to confirm my thought on that one. The venting holes must be good for ventilation, but not so good for actual ballistic protection.... Right now I have a Mich 2000 helmet, but when you run and stuff, that gets hot. Therefore I had been looking at those vented Base Jump models, but if they aren't used in reality, I won't choose that in the future.
  5. Are those OpsCore Fast helmets actually used by real troops, other than for training purposes ?
  6. A steep price that Detonator piece unfortunately. $ 50 + shipping + taxes = unreasonable
  7. I was able to get the axle out with a fine-nosed plier. I then proceeded and drilled a small hole though the lever andfixed a small screw. This way, I made a temporary fix while I search for a permanent sollution. The shop already told me they can't find a replacement and the only way to fix my problem is that they would use another Px4 for pieces. They want to see it first to make sure it's not caused by mishandeling the gun !?! I hope they're not trying to find a way out... Since I also made the change, I fear the worst. Any idea where the clone piece can be found ?
  8. It was never dropped. Just dry fired on duster gas and the thing snapped off. I guess I have only fired 300 BB's in total. It's definately not unique, I found a remark in a you tube video from someone who suffered just the same thing. When inspecting the part, I can see a giant airbubble inside the cast metal where the snapped-off axle meets the outer plate. I estimate only a third of the metal was there in the most critical place... The gun still functions. The slide obviously doesn't remain in the backward position when the last BB is fired. I now have a hideous gaping hole in the left side
  9. Ok, tonight the slide catch broke clean off of my 3 weeks old pistol... Not happy at all !! Does anybody know if there are spares for this ? I already sent a mail to the shop I bought it at. Now we'll see what 'garantee' really means...
  10. Whoo, nice! I'm already looking forward for the Tier 1 Operation Sandstorm end of august to which I will come with our 5 man team.
  11. At 4:09 the cameraman throws a Tornado impact grenade against the doorpost... shouldn't the cameraman and possibly the accompanying guy have been hit ? That's the biggest downside of impact grenades. I've had it twice so far that I've thrown it and it clips a nearby obstacle hosing myself with BB's
  12. That doesn't sound logical to me: fluid state of gasses has everything to do with pressure. Low pressure equals gas; high pressure and the gas becomes liquid. So if you start filling a mag, even if you get liquid-gas to enter the mag, it will turn into gas-state as long as the pressure is low. If you keep adding gas and pressure, you'll get more and more liquid gas. In my oppinion, the O-ring will not change a thing to that, except that without the o-ring, you keep losing a lot of gas...
  13. Very nice video ! Lots of high speed action.
  14. I can confirm that the Blackhawk Serpa CQC for Px4 Storm holds the TM perfectly ! Couldn't be happier with both the serpa and the TM Px4. It's such a nice looking gun. The only minor thing: the TM magazine doesn't have an O-ring where you fill it with gass. I loose a lot of gas trying to fill it. My H3K mag on the other hand has an o-ring and fills much better.
  15. I have Greenlabel Pmags, and I can't say anything bad about them, despite the fact that some people complain about them. They have never ever misfed once ( ICS M4, Xtreme precision .25 bio bb's ). I sometimes wonder if the latest production greenlabels could be better quality perhaps. I bought mine 3 months ago and have used them a lot since then. My greenlabels don't have a cheap plastic shine to them either. I like the look of these new Beta Pmags with the clear window. The fake rounds have a nicer finish than the Emag fake rounds. Just a pitty that you can't open the mags. Otherwise you c
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