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  1. I've been collecting for approximately 4 years now. I've been a tech at 2 fields, a manager at one, and I never really ever stopped trading/buying/selling. I did the gunroom for awhile, see below, but I got kind of tired of how tacky it was. Most of it is crated in rubbermaids and closeted except for the occasional repair or upgrade, and collection photo. I rarely play anymore though due to the job. And the favorite is easily the TM G3A3.
  2. I took inventory of my assembled guns lately, thought I'd post up; Absentee: A&K M60VN (Being weathered by Guinness, because he is the man) Well L96 Matrix BAR TM PSG (The project that never ends!) ICS MP5A5 KSC Sig Pro 2340
  3. Yeah, easily. All the FPS and play testing this weekend were at either freezing or just above. You can probably get 2.5 bb fills per gas fill on this guy.
  4. Slight update: Today after cleaning the barrel with silicon, and applying a bit to the bolt carrier, I achieved a much much better 50ft grouping with around 10 BBs on the paper, and I know it would've been closer to 15 if I wasn't shivering from the cold. I will do a retest tomorrow in better weather and report with pic and video!
  5. I'd gladly supply the original to a shop that would make a metal kit for this, if they were a legitimate outfit.
  6. I've embedded a video on my review page, have a look! Pictures of the internals are up, as well as targets shot at 25 and 50 ft! Also, RSOV doesn't carry spares for it quite yet, but they say they have them in store soon! In all I think this is a great little backup/CQB weapon, and when you see the video of its ROF you'll know why!
  7. Hey guys, As promised, I recently finished writing my review of the G55. It can be seen at my personal site here, while I figure out how to reformat it to the Arnies review Database. Enjoy!
  8. When I had a Cyma, the lower receiver was plastic.
  9. I just got my first job in Accounting, so my Camry went to the big used car dealership in the sky. My replacement (Pics Courtesy of our Favorite Old Person... Guinness): And one of both of our favorite Ingolstadt exports together: A warning to people in their young adulthood moving up in cars- Insurance truly is a *badgeress* when you upgrade, watch yourself!
  10. Vic- To save you some hassle, the dust cover on that does NOT close. Its sprung open, and there is nothing on the dust cover to make it latch.
  11. I got to take my yearly collection pic
  12. I had to get all my HK stuff out for... something a little different. Horrid quality picture, but I make it up in quantity
  13. Was goofing around with my M9 and my 93r back in the day and came out this way... I actually like them
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