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  1. What G19 is that? KSC/KWA, WE or KJW? Looks awesome.
  2. I understand that their 1911 isnt quite here not there as it uses all kinda parts 1911 and HiCapa, but for my purpose I'm more than happy. Still after the 1911 they brought out the Glocks, PX4, M9's which have all been solid including the Browning HP yet people still hate them. I'm not fussed.. I'll be honest, I'm not a careful shooter, I run it, break it, fix it. so having a cheaper gun I can throw in the parts bin (cupboard it has become) is more preferable than buying a £150+ TM and then spending another £150> for a metal slide and barrel kit from SD or someone and forget to clean it and
  3. I have a few WE guns.. No real clue why all the WE hate from everyone is. I have the Browning, Samurai Edge, Gen3 G19 and a 18C (The latter are arguable, came in a WE box but no WE marks, Assume they're 3HK) which are all great guns, no problems in any real shape or form apart from the lack of suppliers of an M9 rear sight for the Biohazard SE M9 thing, My KWA G19 has been 10times worse, gases just escape from just inserting the mag slightly to the rear of the mag well or if they feel its time to use the WE. Plus the review is pretty good from what I read. This wouldn't really be a shooter
  4. Thanks, Redwolf have them too.. I'll email their UK side tomorrow and see what I can sort out with them. EDIT: Big round.. BB's. just about to order from RW-HK instead as it works out to about the same but it appears that although there are no "Trades" per-se.. This is present where I wanted to get it engraved: Then again if I can find a lower frame thats unmarked from an ACM model i'll get that and the KJW... Hmnnn decisions decisions.. It also appears WE do one (according to JustPistols.co.uk) with absolutely NO markings what so ever, but it appears to be some sort of nineteenF
  5. Does anyone know where I could pick up an un-trademarked metal 1911(A1)?, I have family out in the states who own a 1911 manufactured by the Singer Mfg co (The same people who make sewing machines) which is still used by my uncle today as an EDC gun, only thing ever replaced was a firing pin and spring guide Having an unmarked (trades) frame allows me to send it off for machining to add the correct numbers and markings to keep in my own collection here in the UK, more as a piece of family heritage more than anything! Checked most places but any frame sets they have say "WITH MARKINGS" or "F
  6. I'm looking for a rear sight for a STARS M9 because mine dropped off. This is the part I'm looking for, anyone know if a standard (or Real steel) M9 sight will fit a WE STARS M9
  7. Heres a (probably dumb) question. I have a "WE" (3HK) G18 Gen.3 but I'm looking for a 17 so I can have all the cool looking slides and such, Being a stingy git I don't want to spend too much, If I can source a TM/WE/Compatible ACM clone, would the slide (plus all its internals) be a direct fit to my 18 Lower? That way I could take my 18 upper to a game in my pack, swap it over in down-time or in the safe zone and run it FA again... Unless its not quite that easy and needs extensive modifications to work then I'll just buy a 17
  8. GBBr or AEG? If AEG is that a G&P or the BD Butterfly style?
  9. Looks like it needs a clean/lube.. looks kinda rusty.
  10. BattleForceTactical


    Shooting in Semi is not actually that bad.. If you try doing it you'll actually find its not to bad
  11. I love my KWA G19, its a epic bit of kit! I've shot Marui G17's and G18s and even RS G17s/G19s and I still love my KWA. One issue I have had is the BBU springs one has bent slightly
  12. You'll be getting "That" call soon enough from Her Maj' saying We'd like 250 of these please; sign this and we'll sort yeh'
  13. Bad practice, you left the mag in...
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