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  1. Excellent buyer. Very understanding, and would do business with again.

  2. Hey sturgis....great loadout but I think your knee pads are on upside down.
  3. most recent loadout...don't really know what to define it as...maybe 90s SEAL era??? i duno someone make something out of it so I can give it an official title
  4. Yeha, out of curiosity....what kind of work do you do?
  5. Modern Ranger Kit? Well I know an OD RAV would be a start...anybody else care to add onto?
  6. Third row from the bottom, third guy to right. Desert 3.
  7. good Lord that last one is beautiful!
  8. BB_ Where did you get your MICH cover?
  9. ..def special forces....note the multicam backpack on the last pic...pretty cool
  10. Thanks a bunch...ima get my hands on one of this as soon as i sell my fsbe(pm for me details lawl ) Badly Browned that is a sick loadout dude
  11. Sarge, what's the brand of the vest and where did you get it?
  12. nice titties mrezzy on other news i should be getting my set very very soon!
  13. indeed. Can someone identify the tan gloves that the operator is wearing on the first pic?
  14. lol because I think it looks really really ugly...and I'm going for the modern special forces look...something like this..
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