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  1. @Mike_West, do so at your own peril. Also, he drinks lots of that herbal tea malark... probably laced with something.

  2. I'm running a King Arms buffer tube on my SR-16E3. With the stock buffer tube i can run a 1200mAh 7.4v no trouble, just without collapsing the stock right down. Where as i can run 7.4v, MOSFET in the King Arms I'll get some pics up too. I'm using a RS AFG, RS XTMs and a VFC PEQ-15. Used it for the first time on Sunday, it was stunning, literally out-the-box performance
  3. FWIW my VFC SR-16 doesn't feel nicer than my old PTW - its not as tight, and honed and i'm the last person that would want to admit that after the hell i've had with PTWs. I have every confidence that Real Sword will offer serious competition and its not unlikely that they'll contract the externals to a RS manufacturer anyway.
  4. Where can i buy a KAC PDW TTB for my SR-16?
  5. $42 to my door in a couple of weeks - yes please I'm looking forward to it!
  6. I sold it to a friend at a local site near me
  7. I have ACM MS-2 slings - they're really nice Good colouring and material and chuffed 'n all.
  8. Yeh, guess i might just have to buy another one and keep it quiet from the girlfreind
  9. I am currently wanting to make a secondary SR-15 as a back up. I've not got the cash to throw at another VFC right now, so i was wondering the same thing as above
  10. Yeh, anything besides the Ti-1 is pretty much fail
  11. I am the same, I wear medium t-shirts, but think I'd like a bit of length, so probably large. Also, where has stock and could get one to the uk?
  12. My VFC SR-16E3 10.5'' has finally been released by HMRC, should get it on Friday. I have some stuff for it already, but I didn't have any luck getting a lead on an RS Aimpoint T-1, so I will settle with a replica for now. I am also wanting to source MIAD grip and ASAP sling mount, not sure where is best for all that, s'pose I will research and compare. Need it before 31st..
  13. Yeh, next they'll be bringing out the PTS with techniques employable in airsoft - that would be the day. Until then we're just kids running around with BB guns - such a hard reality. I'm not saying i won't try mastering all of those moves, it'll give me something to do whilst watching TV.
  14. You were careful not to mention the internals How are they? Are they reflective of the notorious ARES shoddiness? Is it proprietary? It looks brilliant externally, but i wrote it off as soon as it came out because it was ARES and not 100% correct.. maybe that was a silly thing to do? That might be why we see none too, same with their SOPMOD M14's. They are rare, and look excellent but 'word' has it they're shocking;y bad inside My VFC SR16E3 10.5'' is stuck in customs right now. I have 12 lovely P-Mags to photo it with too, oh you lot will love it.
  15. Nice blaster Al That much MC does make me cringe though, each to his own
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