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  1. thanks bud a yes there are tm meu based
  2. i placed the order with ehobby a they sent me the guarder 1911 instead of the clone thanks for letting me no guiness buddy as for the 1911 i striped the gun down to the frame slide a bits eg trigger/hammer etc put them in jewellery cleaner (slver) for 2 hours a then got them out a washed of the residue with warm water then left to dry.them i used fine grit sand paper to get the top layer of paint off to leave a greyish colour then i sent them to my mate who does electroplating to custom motorcycles for a week a there you go one nice looking 1911
  3. hi just to say i just got a army meu today a i will do the same work i did to the 1911 watch this space
  4. i got the 1911 from here a i did the work myself http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/pistols-gbb-smg...gbb-pistol.html
  5. the make is tercel a tm clone fake ivory grip with colt emblens im trying to make dean winchester's colt from supernatural nearly got it
  6. here is my custom 1911 what you think
  7. here is my 1st attempt at british desert camo what do ya think
  8. Thanks buddy took me about 5 days to do but its all worth it in the end
  9. here is my baby TM 14 with home made wooden stock
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