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  1. Desert.Express

    Beretta Picture Thread

  2. Desert.Express

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Prime/WA Beretta M92FS with Altamont wood grips, steel outer barrel:
  3. Desert.Express

    H&K Picture Thread

    Posting an ordinary gun, for once.. Vfc MP7 with rails and no Umarex markings on it (covered)
  4. Desert.Express

    H&K Picture Thread

    Detonator/Ksc HK45 Tactical, Western Arms Silencer:
  5. Desert.Express

    SIG Picture Thread

  6. Desert.Express

    SIG Picture Thread

    I was just talking about the Zeke kit, you used to have two of those kits?
  7. Desert.Express

    Beretta Picture Thread

    FM Prime WA M8045 Cougar FM Prime WA Beretta M92FS
  8. Desert.Express

    SIG Picture Thread

    Don't bother yourself with looking for another one..you won't find it FM Zeke Ksc Sig Pro 2340:
  9. Desert.Express

    Glock Picture Thread

  10. Desert.Express

    Beretta Picture Thread

  11. Desert.Express

    H&K Picture Thread

    They're not sold at supermarket for sure Zeke has been out of business for many years now (since 2009), so the only way to obtain their kits (apart from some exceptions, like Hi-Capa metal slides, which are common) is to grab them when they pop up for sale..but you got to have the €€€€ ready. Anyhow, afaik, nobody ever produced an aftermarket metal slide for the MK23. There are various metal kits for the KSC (mine is Shooters Design, then there's Zeke, Prime, GK and the recent Ra-Tech one), but never heard about one for the TM.
  12. Desert.Express

    H&K Picture Thread

  13. Desert.Express

    SIG Picture Thread

    Just a little taste..more pics to follow.. FM Prime Sig P232
  14. Desert.Express

    1911 Picture Thread

    New phone -> (way) better pics FM MMC (Hong Kong) WA Infinity Tiki FM Prime/SD WA SFA V10
  15. Desert.Express

    SIG Picture Thread

    FM Prime Sig P229:

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