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  1. Here's my friends rhodie mag 58 gpmg.
  2. Cheers. A friend of mine has done a rhodie gpmg. I will ask if I can post it up.
  3. Trying to finish my early Sig p226 look. Have sourced the non railed guarder kit. Along with correct early type rear sight and surefire torch (which took a lot of modding). Just in dyer need of sourcing genuine west german early sig grips to complete.
  4. Not as nice as all your gbb mp5s. As budget has well and truly gone these days for me (getting old) But here's my SAS embassy seige MP5A3, using a classic army aeg.
  5. Take your pick here.... LCT PKP with all real zenitco parts. Custom made full steel UK L7A2 GPMG An original (still with bellows) TOP M249 MK1 Then Both G&P M249 Mk46
  6. The retro Diemaco C8 is almost there. So far; G&P M733 Upper G&P C8 lower G&P Steel flash hider G&P Steel 653 barrel G&P Steel M16A1 front sight GUARDER real delta ring RS buffer spacer plate RS diemaco but pad RS ar sling RS sling swivel RS barrel/muzzle washer Still to source. Correct style buffer tube and locking ring. Steel parts I.E mag release, selector lever etc.
  7. The SAS collection. From top.... Colt model 715 Diemaco L119A1 Diemaco C8 (early)
  8. I'm not sure, as it hasn't been hit yet (famous last words).
  9. Hi bud, do the real bits fit ok, or do they require tinkering to fit? I've got a few real parts for mine, but didn't think I could go that extra mile with the likes of a hammer strut and slide extender. Here's my contribution to the thread, something not usually seen. This is my British L7A1 GPMG, formerly an Inokatsu M240. The L7A1's were originally built by FN. The later known A2's were then built in Enfield, UK, but still under license from FN.
  10. A few bits of my up and coming SBT-22 SWCC (Special warfare combatant-craft crewman) loadout. Just got a few little bits to get still to finish the look.
  11. So decided to do a Special Warfare Combat Crewman (SWCC) look with my MSA mich 2000. The top 2 pics are from Special boat team (SBT) 22, and the bottom ones are of mine.
  12. im one of those that's "if it hasn't broke, don't fix it" so if the systems working why the need to change it.
  13. Afraid not BigAI, looking for a second set myself.
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