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  1. I believe it was just a standard commercial European markings. But real pics are extremely hard to find. And only one I have I can't share. But can't make out the marking enough anyway. I will try finding some normal west german/european images of the non railed.
  2. Haven't posted for a while. So time for a small update. First up, after years of looking. I have finally got my hands on a S&T L2A3 Sterling SMG. A few bits will need sorting. And so far have managed to source a real end cap and sling. Just need to source one or two more parts before I eventually start work on it. I have already started on the mags and making them look close to the real thing. Will do a full write up once the build is coming along. Update 2 The L115A3 has come along further. I've now m
  3. A new one to the collection. Finally got my hands on the Daves custom airsoft L129A1 The real rifle is a Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) 7.62mm sharpshooter rifle. The British then gave it the designation L129A1. It features *LMT crane stock *LMT rail panel *LMT sling point *LMT Ergo grip *KAC flip up sights *Harris bipod with A.R.M.S QD mount *Surefire FH762K05 flash hider *TDI arms FFGB2 folding grip Most models came with the *Trijicon Acog 6x48 BAC .308 scope. But some others were also fitted with the
  4. So are all the little bits like the section that holds the bipod, the section that holds the grip and rear plate. Are these all steel? Just the actual body that's aluminium. Plus are the bits welded on or just screwed?
  5. Another one been worked on. A replica of the L108A1 MINIMI used by the ill fated SAS team "Bravo two zero" in Iraq 1991. I won't go too much into what happened. I'll leave it to you guys to go have a read. But basically the unit was plaqued by issues from the beginning. And most the guys were captured along with their weapons. The pic below is their actual weapons that were captured!. The weapon system itself was just a standard Mk1 minimi. You may notice in the pics there is one difference! it was fitted with a gpmg flash hider. Which was also
  6. That's not a 701..... A 701 is a M16A2 just with the auto function, not 3 Rd burst. I'm not sure what that is.... Maybe a put together by armourer. But Has a A2 stock, A2 barrel profile and A2 flash hider. But has a A1 llower with only a partial fence, and A1 upper.... Interesting pic none the less buddy.
  7. 2 more UK AR platforms added. First up. COLT MODEL 604 Here I have started to build a colt model 604, As issued to the British army in the late 60s, early 70s. So the Model 604 is a slight variation from the original model 602 (XM16/M16 VN) The 604 comprises of a XM16 stock with a pivoting sling mount. Not the static version fitted to the later model 603 (M16A1) Compared to the model 602 (M16 VN) which had a slab side, and the full fence of the model 603 (M16A1). The Model 604 used a partial fence. Now despite being upgraded internally the s
  8. I've been struggling to find a L2 for my collection. Very hard to find. Nice collection.
  9. Looks good bud. The serial number is cool. The one you have as 2008-....... That's The weapons nsn number. And is always 1005-21-920-6546 But up to you if you want to change it.
  10. Yes bud. Here's a pic of 3 real uppers, you'll see the sides are really short and finished just after last groove.
  11. L7A2 GENERAL PURPOSE MACHINE GUN WARNING.... EXTREMELY LONG READ!!! I've tried to keep this as short as possible without losing too much needed info. A even deeper version will have a page made with a link posted in weeks to come, which will also focus on the early FN and newer HK versions. This is a complete custom build, made of full steel, and is currently 99.9% accurate to a real L7 I know that for some of you, who have seen some of this build before, we’re covering old ground - but please don’t run away just yet! Now, with the final piece of my puzzle, an accur
  12. Done the same with my tm/guarder kit. Grips took a bit of work. But looks so much better and also added the early style front and rear sights too. Just need to fix the markings and make them period correct.
  13. SCOPES So last few months have been working on making some of the airsoft clone sights like the SUSAT's look more realistc. I've owned at somepoint every brand of SUSAT out there. And I can safely say that the ARES are the best in external quality as you're going to get. The G&G one is ok, and also has a working red reticle. But still can see it's a clone a mile away. The other clones I personally would never touch again with a barge pole. Now I understand that the ARES is the most expensive, where some people are restrained by finances, or aren't interested tha
  14. L115A3 This is the ARES AW338 spring version. It's all pretty much standard at the moment, needs some work internally. Externally its been covered in tan SCAPA tape, as was done in afghanistan. Added some ranging numbers which was also seen on tour. I also managed to source the correct flash hider for this. I know ARES did do one similar for their Stryker range, but the dimensions made it look fatter than it should. I've added extra serial number stamps on the bolt and handle as is done on the real thing. sorted out the proof mark too. In the proces
  15. MP5s..... Altought the Brtish designations are: L92A1 for the MP5A3 L91A1 For the SD version Both of these are the Classic army AEG versions. I'm not a fan tbh, if money was permitting I would rather GBBR versions. The L92 is a correct setup of the MP5's used during the Iranian Embassy siege. it has a genuine mount and torch, which is the streamlight SL20. Most people get this wrong and say they are maglites....... this is not the case!. Maglites came later with a special mount that had them mounted underneath the slim A3 handguard, whi
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