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  1. Yeah I'd probs respray then. I'm really tempted to get one of those Magpul stocks, but then I'd have nowhere to put my battery Edit: Fellowz can you please edit out those pictures, no need to quote them all.
  2. Very nice El_Boomo The wear looks decent, just looks abit out of place as there isn't any of the CASV or the other parts of the gun. Where does the battery go?
  3. Google it... If you can't tell you're blind. Please stop trolling.
  4. On any other receiver the RIS would in the right place. The rail on CA receivers is too high.
  5. OD paracord, take the middle bit out and slide the outer bit over the wire
  6. Because some people take pleasure from replicating as closely as possible military units? Wearing Armour makes it harder to play and brings you closer to the level of the unit that they're trying to replicate. I know that I always carry a load of stuff I've never need in an airsoft game just for realism.
  7. I also have one... I definitely can't get mine over the head while it fits properly. I'd be very interested to hear how the owner gets that on. I can't see how he manages it.
  8. PariahWolf

    1K club

    It's probably the real deal that UTG copied off
  9. Dust it black, dust it OD = Darker Green.
  10. Needz moar Optik!! Other than that it looks really nice
  11. All our soldiers currently serving in Iraq as far as I'm aware have access to Desert DPM assault vests like this, I think now if you see someone in temperate gear then it's probably personal choice kit. And yeah stuff like this has been partly replaced by the Osprey Molle system, although some troops choose to wear an assault vest/webbing over the Osprey without any pouches on it. As everyone has said I'm pretty certain this is genuine. There are a couple of desert DPM knockoff vests out there though. And there's still no official Desert DPM PLCE webbing. Probs for Strike For
  12. The pink packages are FFDs, although I think they've just replaced them with a different type and the green box has some padding in. I have 2, one for my model kit and one to keep my phone in when I skirmish
  13. Most of my gear. Doesn't include my BDU's as they'd take up far too much space. Keep in mind the Assault Pack, Webbing, Plate Carrier and one of the Daysacks are completely full. Still loads of stuff out on loan that's missing. And a couple of guns, etc. Eyewear and headwear. Also got a couple of draws full of things like Rat packs, and little things like that. Sorry for the crappy picture, didn't feel like taking it all outside for a better picture
  14. Cheers Taken me long enough to get it, quite pleased with it so far
  15. Added a few small updates, few more being shipped as I type Eagle PC w/CB in MJK.
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