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  1. It's the same gun but in 7.62x51 NATO rather than 7.92x57 Mauser. Cosmetic differences include: MG3 bipod lacks the height adjustment screw that the MG42 has. MG3 flash hider looks different MG3 rear sight is graduated out to 1200m, the MG42 sight goes out to 2000m The MG3 also lacks the flip up AA-rear sight of the 42. There are separate AA-sights for the MG3, but they are not mounted on all guns. Feed tray is shorter (shorter round) and the way ammo boxes attach to the side is different. Top cover is also slightly different, but not by much. Newer MG3's have polymer buttstocks and grip
  2. Well, the MG-42 is just a few cosmetic parts away from a modern MG-3. I hope someone will release an IdZ-kit for the S&T
  3. Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword!
  4. Other than the receiver, which parts are made of steel and which are pot metal?
  5. It's the Multidesign "Falke" armor vest. This was a pre-game briefing, before game start at Berget, and that's why some aren't wearing eyepro, if you were wondering.
  6. From my trip to Berget 9: I'll try to get some short movies up during the week. I didn't get a whole lot of action captured on film though, as my camera was either out of battery or it had a full memory card whenever stuff happened. It's mostly just driving.
  7. Yeah, my nozzle came pre-trimmed from RA-Tech (I bought a "custom" jobbie from them) and I had to lengthen it with a piece from an old pen to get it firing below 350 with the NPAS. Amazingly it's holding together, though I really really want a new non-molested nozzle for it...
  8. Ah, sorry, my bad. I just noticed ChinToka's handguard had mounting points on top too. That's a new one for me, I've only seen K-handguards of that type before The one I linked to is the new-ish style with mounting points on the sides and bottom. Though now I know there's an even newer type out
  9. I got mine from here. Out of stock at the moment, and you'll have to find someone to ship it to in the US as hkparts don't ship internationally, but it's still slightly cheaper than from SL-8.de http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/HK-German-G36-HK-SL8-Forearm-With-Mounting-Points-187p1420.htm Don't let the picture of the old-style handguard fool you. It is the new type with mounting points for rails.
  10. Nice mount, Muffe! Where'd you get the extra AG36-sight? Are they available separately or did you butcher an entire launcher for it? If available; from where? If you butchered a launcher: that's pretty hardcore, man. Kudos
  11. A friend and I tried ordering from sl-8 first, but they were out of stock. I ended up getting both the handguard and KA1 rail from hkparts.net, and then using a company called jetcarrier to get them shipped to Norway. Hkparts.net is a tad cheaper than SL-8.de if you don't factor in shipping...
  12. So, with the NPAS opened all the way my G36K chronos at ~490 with .2g BB's. All the way closed it's at 390-420. I need it to clock in at sub-300 fps with .2g BB's for CQB. How do I accomplish this? It came with all the original parts in a small bag, so I can install the original floating valve, if that helps. Someone mentioned shimming it to reduce fps? Where should I put the shims? It's also got an RA-Tech inner barrel and hopup. I don't know how much of an impact these parts have.
  13. G36KA1, based on the RA-Tech G39K custom. Real "KSK"-rail and a CA RAS G36A2 My 5-year old primary AEG with a new railed handguard.
  14. Yeah, the cosmetic gas block and piston. On some photos it kinda looks real (ie; on the G36 and G36K the block itself is further out on the barrel than on the shorter G36C), but on others it kinda don't. Some good pics of the WE G39K without its handguard would be nice.
  15. Does anyone know if The WE G39 and G39K have the correct length gas piston and not the shortened G36C-piston? Also, I see RA-Tech have developed an NPAS-set for the G39 series, but I haven't seen it at any retailers. Where would one normally buy RA-Tech parts? I'd really like one of these G39's, but I'd like to have it fire at less than 350fps with .2's. Preferably less than 300 for CQB.
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