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  1. Getting the Alpha... The original seems to be extinct.
  2. My GHK M4. Gonna use this for my PMC kit mainly. Ive decided to use mostly BCM parts for it. Gonna get as many real steel parts as possible. Waiting for a BCM stock and KMR rail to arrive! Currently it has a dytac KMR replica rail but real steel clamps and cross bolts The dytac ones are made from a very soft material so I had to change them. Other real steel parts: BCM Gunfighter charging handle BCM Gunfighter MOD 3 pistol grip BCM Gunfighter KAG front grip BCM trigger guard BCM QD Endplate BCM Keymod panels Other things on it: PTS MBUS flip up sights PTS Stock Big Dragon AAC M4-20
  3. What are you talking about with the M4? The steel parts last forever mate. I haven't changed mine since i got them in august 2014 and have never heard anyone ahving trouble with the internals? What experience do you base this opinion on?
  4. Just to clarify, the pmag ones or the ones for standard mags?
  5. Anyone know what kind of floor plates fit the G5 magazines? Would like to put some ranger plates on mine, but I dont know if they are compatible...
  6. Yea, have to take off the rail to adjust the hop. Its kind of dum, but the hop dosent mote at all, its so stiff that once its set, it doesnt move.
  7. Yea, before i got it i was sure it was RS spec, thought i had read that somewhere. Not a large issue though, for me atleast.
  8. Received my GHK M4 GBBR today. And how it looks one hour after unboxing it: Madbull Noveske NSR 11 Noveske Gas Block Night evo m600c on a GEAR sector mount. DYTAC handstop China T1 Magpul MOE stock. Now im waiting to get a shorter barrel ^^
  9. For anyone having problems with sticky nozzles, bolt catch or anything else involving springs, i would advise you to give it a good clean and then dont re-lube it. I had some problems with my MP7 and it was resolved by cleaning it. This gun really doesnt need any lube at all if you use gas that has lube in it. Also the springs in the gun are kind of weak. I hope to see some spring upgrade sets hit the market soon
  10. hmmm, having some trouble with my MP7 now, the bolt lock wont work. If the mag is empty and i pull the charging handle, it locks back. But if i fill it up with BBs it will still fire even though there are no BBs left... EDIT: FIXED. Classic over greasing:P This thing really doesnt need much grease. Other GBBs ive owned have gone through grease like i do water, atleast compared to this one:)
  11. I wouldnt say it has a cooldown issue? In the video the same magazine was used all 3 times while shooting it;)
  12. Made a little video. Mag dumping the hell out off this thing Stock nozzle holding up, using Ultrair gas. Also installed a stronger recoil spring. Got over two whole mags off on one gas fill. Pretty good:)
  13. Finally got my hands on the TM MP7. This thing is awesome.
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