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    CA M15A4
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    8mm Bushings with bearings
    Area1000 Pistonhead
    Madbull SP120 Spring
    G&P M5 RIS
    KAC Vert. Grip
    G&P ACOG

    TM M14
    Guarder High Torque Gearset
    Area 1000 Piston Head
    7mm Oilless Bushings
    Spring Guide w/ Bearing
    Mad Bull SP130 Spring

    WA Para- Ordinance P14.45 Magna
    KJW M700 Police
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  1. I've got pics for you. E-mail addy? You can send the masada pics to my e-mail address:




  2. It's the nature of the beast unfortunately b/c it's not bolted on. You can minimize it by making sure everything it secured tight. I've handled the real steel counterpart and interesting it had the same issue.

  3. I can definately get pics for you by tonight. Is there anything you want to see in particular? Also, pics of your Masada would also be appreciated. Thanks.


  4. I have the newest version of the Classic Army M4 CQB X-Series AEG. Also, it's BRAND NEW IN THE BOX! Here's the link to the exact AEG I have on AEX's website:


    In addition, I also have a spare upper X-series reciever, and the gas block, rail system, ...

  5. If you are looking to trade your Masada, I have several AEG I'm looking to unload b/c I don't use them: NIB TM AKS-74U Blowback, Guarder AKS-74U, Guarder AKM, Best Gun MRP, G&P Tactical AK (Sand), NIB CA M4 CQB X-Series. Lemme know if your looking for anything in particular.


  6. Nice one Binary! I ususally don't like MRE's but that one really looks good! Only thing that could make it better imho, is something like a crane or MOD stock. But its a nice rifle in any case.
  7. Would like to know this as well, the only hop chamber I've seen is a spare CYMA one. Did you just swap in a TM?
  8. Very nice, but I think it would look better without the Docter sight on the ACOG. I don't think it fits in well with the hand guards, or fixed carry handle.
  9. Last time I checked Paras were 1911's... just double stack. All thats different is the frame and mag really.
  10. Just finished rebuilding her, Magna (not Magna-Tech or SCW ######) Para P14.45 Shooters Design Frame SD Slide SD Loading nozzle and floating valve Brownells Bake-On CB / Black Paint Needs some Finishing touches, and a better photographer. Better Pics tomorrow...
  11. Neglecting look for CQB/R's (I agree with you that EOTechs look better) a ACOG with a Docter wins in functionality, it may not be the BEST holosight, but its attached to a ACOG, so you get the best of both worlds. -RR
  12. Once we see M203's mounted under M79's is when we need to worry.
  13. Big enough Scope lol? Nice woodgrain on that stock BTW, is it a CAW?
  14. Ill have to try that TCB, I used some thin strips of Camo-Form on my M15, and that seemed to stop it from sounding too loud. Also, Heres some new photos You can see the Inner Barrel, which unfortunately takes away alot of the look, but its 3" of more barrel so it makes up for it.
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