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  1. super simple, yet effective setup
  2. I used to watch transformers and loved it. Only, i didn't care for the transformers that turned into animals... As for the people arguing about the realism of transformers, I don't think that when the writers of transformers first started the show they would people arguing of the realism/plausibility of a kids show...
  3. At a game i played last weekend a guy there had a scar and after the game he said that he thought something broke in the gearbox. Could be another broken tappet plate... Too bad, i was hoping to get one of these. Hopefully they will get it sorted out by the next batch =)
  4. actually if you have the tr version with a reddot on it its quite easy, or a wire mesh one works good. But, with a paintball mask and iron sights its really hard to aim.
  5. hmm i'll try that when i get more velcro, also, you know yo can extend the length of the straps on your vest right?
  6. I bought it used and it came with the tr attachment. Plus, its easy to aim with my aimpoint on it with full-face. But with just goggles i use the RDS because the tr with aimpoint kinda ruin's the look.
  7. Just got it on monday. Marui rd (old version) the stuff it came with with triple rail and the fn-h logo on the triple rail. More pictures
  8. I under stood the guide, but i just extended the velcro strips on the vest. And pics are up in the p90 pic thread.
  9. Hehe i just checked my doorstep and found my p90! i'll post pics in about hrs check the p90 picture thread =D
  10. please do, i have some velcro, a blackhawk vest clone and a p90 on its way...
  11. GAH ups delayed my order until monday ='(
  12. I can't wait to get my p90. It's coming on friday =D i'll post pics then.
  13. On some pictures that are posted it says "user posted image" instead of a pic. BUt when i right-click the "user posted image" i can go to properties and copy and paste it into my browser and then i can view it. Is there any way to get around this?
  14. here is a pic of mine next to HFC mp5
  15. here is my KSC and KWA m9's. I also have a kwa m93r, but a picture of it was already posted. (brucken posted it, i bought it from him)
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