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  1. Trigger pulled and nothing happens. Found out the trigger was moving around on the spacer. Enough that the right side trigger notch didn't engage the trigger bar. Nothing a few aeg shims can't remedy. Anyone else have the same issue?
  2. I tried putting a thin layer of epoxy on my z parts hammer. The bolt no longer shows signs of new wear on it. I also found that this kept my stock WE 74 hammer from snapping just as well as putting a sorbo on it. So maybe epoxy might turn out to be a cheap easy fix for most WE gbbs.
  3. My 74u finally hit the 70k mark on stock internals. Seems all that is needed is some small buffer on the hammer like Renegade mentioned a couple years back. I used a sorbo pad on mine and glued an eraser to buffer the bolt. Wear is minimal. I use a pencil and rub graphite on my hammer and sears to smooth out the action instead of lube, and maybe that helped a bit, but it probably didn't.
  4. Imagine them making the mags curve towards the shooter.
  5. Seems the MP5 is WE's most solid release to date. Only issue reported here was a barrel and bucking change. This should mean whenever they release the G3 it'll be a solid performer as well. WE's come a long way.
  6. WE is releasing a steel set for the AK platform. Supposedly CNCd. If it's as nice as the MP5 receivers, we have a better replacement as far as specs go hopefully.
  7. Doesn't it cost more to get set up with a GHK? Mags for the WE run about 30USD. Significantly cheaper. Along with it is the aftermarket support. Lower cost and longevity.
  8. I've noticed that my efficiency is less with the Merlin than with the stock unit. That and the felt recoil is slightly more than stock.
  9. New routers would be awesome. So far I've had to slowly remove material with a dremel to get mine to work. I bought ten spare routers because I was expecting that I'll need practice to mate them perfectly with the nozzle
  10. Alright. It finally warmed up a bit today. About 50F outside. after a hundred or so shots, everything is functioning better. Still not as great of recoil as I feel my gun should be giving but then again, it's cool outside. Once it heats back up to normal, I'm sure everything will work itself out. I do get the occasional light striking though. Not sure what's causing it though. Overall, as long as you get a TM spec slide that's drop in like prog4 or guns modify, etc. it's perfect.
  11. The router fits with the nozzle tightly but not so tight that the nozzle gets jammed or the slide won't retract. My nozzle does seem to return slowly back into the BBU though. I will try to break it in. That seems like the only reason at this moment. Thanks for the tip Volante.
  12. After fitting, everything seems perfect until firing. I had to shave the router down nearly flush with the feed lip to allow the nozzle to pass through without getting jammed. After that every moves freely, but when I go to shoot, the gun doesn't cycle all the way most of the time. Granted this was at 30F so it was pretty cold. However, my hicapa with an aluminum slide, just like my 1911, functioned perfectly in this whether with a stock TM BBU. I'm boggled as far as a solution right now. Thoughts anyone? I was thinking since the nozzle is larger that it would be able to use more gas to push t
  13. I've just received mine. Doing fitment on it at the moment. Got the black colored one and ended up having to shave all of it off so far because of the guarder kit being so tight. Packaging was excellent. Very pleasing to the eye and though I received no shipping confirmation, it came in in under two weeks, even during lunar New Years. I must say, I'm impressed. I'll update again soon as I fit the BBU in and run some test. Too cold outside at the moment.
  14. indeed there is. That with a SAI slide. Most the weight would be in the back. Makes for good felt recoil.
  15. I've always loved pistols but I think I may become an addict. So many gorgeous 1911 variants out there and now there's an amazing BBU to match it. If only I had the money. For now one gun a season is how I've been operating. Wonder how long it'll take to receive mine? I'm anxious.
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