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  1. SniperSidd

    SMG Picture Thread

    ######, I was hoping to get one and mount my TM tracer on it. I guess I can bag that idea. maybe when the Gas MP7 comes out
  2. SniperSidd

    SMG Picture Thread

    anyone know if there is a way to attach a standard 14mm CCW silencer to the new KSC BT9?
  3. SniperSidd

    Custom Gear

    Gonzo, full back instead of the open part would be fine, and if you could incorporate a hydro pouch into the back that would be awesome
  4. SniperSidd

    Custom Gear

    I was wondering if there was anyone out there that would be interested in taking on a project for me I want one of the "ammo vests" that was used in the movie HEAT. I really dont want an exact replica I want a look alike with some added features. here is the best picture I can find of the basic vest. Unfortunately its for 12 inch action figures so i just cant buy one ready made. the only actual requirements for the vest I have are to hold mags in that fashion securely, have a pocket on the back for a hydro bladder, some sort on small inside breast pockets on either side for dead rags, and being semi light weight and sturdy(I wear through gear far too easily) If this is a project you are interested in( and i hope it is) I know it will not be cheap, and i am fine with that. The event I really want this vest for is not till august but obviously the sooner i get it the sooner i can be happy like a small child on Christmas.
  5. SniperSidd

    SIG Picture Thread

    I liked my TM P226 so much I ended up getting a real P225(got a hell of a deal)
  6. SniperSidd

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    if you ever decide to sell let me know
  7. SniperSidd

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    here is my BHI CRCH which is essentially a copy of the RRV. forgive the empty spot on the right side I am waiting for some GP pouches and a backplate from my friend, or I will kill him Up close of the patch Guess what game I like
  8. SniperSidd

    Glock Picture Thread

    No that stock will not fit on the Glock 18c AEP
  9. SniperSidd

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    there is always little bad boy, which is for 40mm nades http://www.wgcshop.com/pcart/shopper.php?i...ade%20Launchers and there is one for tanaka shotty shells too http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=21368
  10. SniperSidd

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    how well does that drum actually stay in the gun?
  11. SniperSidd

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    CapaciousZepher, Any chance we can get pictures of the moded stock? I like it and just might buy a long barrel clone for my Man hunter Load out
  12. SniperSidd

    Artistic Airsoft

    yeah mine is one of the first production runs
  13. SniperSidd

    Artistic Airsoft

    I got it from http://www.cactushobbies.com/home.html but personally after receiving the mask i would be very hesitant about using it in the fiel as it looks like a 400fps gun would shoot right through it.
  14. SniperSidd

    Artistic Airsoft

    that picture was only really inspired by the fact that i had that ###### all sitting with in 10 feet of each other at one time lol. That push dagger on the other hand pretty much lives in my living room just in case:D and actually i hadnt read any such zombie survival guide I just like this that make a big bang
  15. SniperSidd

    Artistic Airsoft

    for when the zombies come

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