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  1. I added a drum mag to my FN FAL It was TOP AK drum but i fitted half a FAL hi cap to it(poorly)
  2. I am having a slight problem with my KA FN FAL tactical carbine. When I was breaking it down to replace the upper receiver with a railed one I broke part of the selector assembly. Specifically the gear that attaches to the underside of the selector switch. I have no idea what the part is called. here is the part http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l134/sni...ft/DSC00323.jpg anyone know of a replacement or something that will work in its place
  3. Eh I knew the stock pad was broken when i bought it, thats probably why i got it so cheap. Its still a great gun I will just hold the pad on with either a sling mount or tape
  4. here is a picture of my recent acquisition, I King Arms FN FAL there is only one problem is the stock plate is cracked and needs replaced. if there is anyone out there with a spare stock cap or an entire spare stock please let me know I am willing to buy or trade.
  5. the top on appears to be OD and the bottom is black
  6. ######, I was hoping to get one and mount my TM tracer on it. I guess I can bag that idea. maybe when the Gas MP7 comes out
  7. or you find a sucker. there has been once or twice i have sold a gun for more than i put into it
  8. Would there be anyone out there with the small nut type thing that screws in place to hold the M14 full sized sight in place? I got a used M14 and there was not one included and right now I have my sight held on with electrical tape
  9. anyone know if there is a way to attach a standard 14mm CCW silencer to the new KSC BT9?
  10. Hello, I have recently joined the Brotherhood by purchasing a used TM M14 and I love it. While I dont have a picture right now as I am stuck on the telephone with AT&T trying to get my DSL connection fixed RAWR. I do have two quick questions. Since I plan on upgrading my M14 internally I was wondering if there was anyone out there that has successfully fit a full sized(sub c cell) 9.6 volt battery into the plastic stock of the TM m14? Secondly is there any kind of front sight I can buy that would allow me to thread on a 14mm CCW suppressor so I can use my TM tracer unit with my
  11. In the Real Sword Dragonov where does the battery go?
  12. Gonzo, full back instead of the open part would be fine, and if you could incorporate a hydro pouch into the back that would be awesome
  13. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that would be interested in taking on a project for me I want one of the "ammo vests" that was used in the movie HEAT. I really dont want an exact replica I want a look alike with some added features. here is the best picture I can find of the basic vest. Unfortunately its for 12 inch action figures so i just cant buy one ready made. the only actual requirements for the vest I have are to hold mags in that fashion securely, have a pocket on the back for a hydro bladder, some sort on small inside breast pockets on either side
  14. here is my loaded down chest rig List: -BHI CRCH -BHI M60 pouch -BHI triple AK pouch -BHI admin pouch -TT m4 shingle -UTG radio pouch -random little grenade pouch i keep red rags in I did a little figuring and if i carry nothing else I can fit 19 M4 Mags in my rig
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