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  1. Can someone confirm that the gearbox of 417 is exactly the same as 416?
  2. which parts (brand) would you recommend for a 400fps build?
  3. lockup is also when the trigger is blocked -> is not moving a single milimeter -> look like that the gun is in safe modus
  4. so you mean that the bolt lock is normal that it is really stiff to push? my gun is brand new and never opened. I am already using 7,4V Lipo
  5. Today I took my brand new hk416 into the fields. Range is almost 40meter with 0.25...I have experienced that the trigger is blocked once.in SEMI mode I have to switch from safe to fullauto..In addition the bolt release is not smooth -> I have to use little force and you can hear a "click" Does some have this issue?
  6. Do you have some picture of your shrinktube fix?? Yeah we have also a 400fps full auto here but I am not sure if I take the gun apart. Did you only remove the stocktube and replaced the spring and no other parts are replaced? Is the Spring connected/hock up with the Pistonhead like the "old" TM System?
  7. No, because I don`t have it yet because it`s out of stock. I just gather information of common problems and how to fix it before I am 100% sure that I purchase it
  8. Does someone else has troubles with the bolt lock doesn`t work? I know Zereck has this problem.
  9. What is the effective range of a stock TM HK416? I mean what is the maximum range where you hit a torso target easily? Is 50meters possible?
  10. Because of the grip? Yes the grip are from Hurricane Kit..I only bought the slide and frame second hand. Here are more picture of the seller http://egun.at/market/uploaded/4098826_5139f12e8650f.jpg http://egun.at/market/uploaded/4098826_2_5139f12e87535.jpg http://egun.at/market/uploaded/4098826_3_5139f12e884d6.jpg
  11. Well something new from my side. Bought this Kit second hand and it came already with ceracote paint. Seller stated it as a NOVA Kit but I am not sure but it comes with nova typical packing. Well something is bothering me: The blowbackunit is held by a screw and a metalbar (firing pin). I have to use the metalbar of a 1911A1 and not MEU. The Rearsight is not compatlble with TM sights (I wanted to resue my tm night warrior sights). The Hole on the slide for the rearsight is little bit different -> REAL DEAL rearsight spec?? It seams that I need a also a 1911A1 Blowbackunit because t
  12. @Squad I fapped so hard....make me want to build a S70 as well
  13. I want to ask someone who already opened the gearbox. how complicated is it to get to the gearbox and open it compared to the standard TM M4 with v2 gearbox? And what about to put them together and work as before. I am thinking to get a HK416 aswell and to put an m100 or m110 spring inside.
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