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  1. Thanks. It's taken me about 4 years to get her in this condition. It is a great gun, I don't know why they discontinued it.
  2. Maruzen M1100 Magazine Version. Tightbore barrel, external CO2 mod, and real steel modified wooden foregrip
  3. So yeah dont know how to search or where to post this one but I downloaded IE 8 and now all replies to a thread come up in a summarized area on the bottom of the page in a collapsed manner. Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. AGuy

    Unholy Fusions

    Look at that MP7, he turned an SMG into like a barret
  5. I'm the non asian, one in center of truck photo - OP Lion Claws VI i beleive, maybe VII, pictures taken during no fire times, mags out, safety on....
  6. Go cry! You don't see a million threads talking about how JG has raped the AK
  7. It's accurate but skrimishable?I am also interested in range and effective range...
  8. I think we should be able to delete our post, (?this hasn't been discussed before?)
  9. A picture is worth a thousand words my latest
  10. Fine.... Allright. For me the spetsnaz is an extremely versatile gun. For me, im planning on either putting an mp5 lengthed tightbore or get an AK front end because its accuracy well sucks. It has a pretty good rof and if upgraded, this gun is LOUD. I never had a stock one so i cant compare original sound Pics: PS got some actual spetsnaz camo that goes wuite good with the gun
  11. "Blue goggles make EVERYTHING briter!!!"
  12. actually non blowback gas guns (nbb) would be the quieter pistol as compared to a blowback- and a silencer would help dampen the noise, sometimes to a great degree but don't expect any type of james bond noise. so go for a nbb
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