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  1. All in-game I guess. Had a nice game on Saturday. And finally a pic of us with our newest addition, Hairy-Helga the personnel carrier (Ford Transit 94 )
  2. Jarhead, your 2nd line looks really packed, especially the backside. Do you use every pouch attached?
  3. It has lately been clearly more common to see SEALs running an M79 within a team instead of 203s. More versatile, the ability to switch among the crew and the fact that it doesn't weigh down the primary are reasons for this.
  4. ~half of our team on a little Sunday game. Sorry for the mismatching blasters in connection to the WL outfits
  5. Finally got my shotty from the customs, quick paintjob. Better pics from the field later.
  6. I believe that Condor has released a few different versions of the pack, the first version with black clips and the latter with coloring according to the pack itself
  7. Necropostin' is my middle name! Part of our wee bit team of scoundrels!
  8. Oh jesus that's just pure uglyness.
  9. Pure sexyness. Love the weathered look.
  10. The photo has been uncensored in for ex. militaryphotos for years, so I think its not an issue of persec..
  11. That problem is pretty much non-existent in many other countries, isn't it?
  12. They did work earlier in the day, not anymore though :|
  13. whiteout isn't entirely inaccurate, it's used irl as well. On with the pictures?
  14. Its your rifle, whatever. I too have armoury numbers on various parts on my ST3 CQB-R, so as a concept I like it myself as well. IMO the numbers being that huge just look awkward, no matter how many reference pics you find.
  15. never seen armoury numbers that huge and angular. I'd make em smaller just to make the look more authentic, that size numbers might give away your position from far away.
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