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'B Type' G&P Metal Body Kits for M4/M16


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I don't know whether this is old news or not so please bear with me. I noticed that G&P have started manufacturing some of their M4/M16 metal body kits in a 'B Type' which apparently means that you can fit the G&P extended battery stock without having to prat around modifying the body kit first.


G&P Navy Metal Body 'B Type'


These seem to available from most of the major HK retailers and are priced the same as the original un-modded version.

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Has anybody ever e-mailed them about it? They won't know to fix it if they don't know that it's wrong in the first place.



Apparently they use Hebrew spelling, I have no idea how they got to that but that was the reply when some guy on airsoftforum emailed them... <_<


What I love about the bodies is the replacements for "AUTO":




But all of those G&P bodies have something else wrong with them (in my opinion) so I'm condemned to getting something else. :(



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