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  1. From op Redmist 2: Kitlist: Ssh40 helmet M88 BDU KZS 6B3 armour Was a really good event, theres a review by Marlowe in the site reviews section. Photos were by fullauto.
  2. Anyone Know what length inner barrel i could use with a PBS-1 silencer on my AKMS. Im planning an internal upgrade.
  3. whered you get the cover? Is it self made?
  4. gunman are doing a cold war event at eastmere in August.
  5. Simple, US SF use the most gucci kit, theres so many gubbins you can strap on an AR15 its mental, then theres all the modular kit which is being copied by most other countires. Theres something about those strips of webbing that makes people think "this is the best ever"..... Dont get me started on US SF helmets...
  6. Have you got any detailed pics of the 6B4? Also what armour is this?: I know the vest is a 6sh92 varient, but i dont know the name of the armour.
  7. Second one is same as i used at Cold war, just different rifle. The hands fine, it stoped bleeding after a few mins.
  8. Some Soviet Kit: Kitlist: Ssh40 Helmet M69 BDU 6B3 armour Belt Water Bottle Kitlist: Ssh68 Helmet M88 Afghanka BDU 6B2 Armour with plates Chicom Belt Water Bottle
  9. 6B2 with Plates 6B3 without plates 6B5 without plates
  10. Some of the Soviet team from gunmans retro operations weekend. I never realised how shiney that Ukrainian TTsKO was :-/ My Kitlist: Ssh68 helmet M88 Afghanka BDU 6B2 Armour with plates Chicom Belt water bottle Boots Weapon: RMW AKMS
  11. Some of the Soviet team from gunmans retro operations weekend.
  12. It couldnt be helped, im not used to wind on cameras... ive got complacent with the digital style... Next time we should have a digi camera....
  13. I made a European Loadouts Thread ages ago, but hardly anyone was interested.
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