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Internet Tablets....your thoughts?


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Hey all. I've been intrigued lately by internet tablets, or ultra-portable PCs. And no, I don't want a laptop or an iPhone, thanks.


I don't want to spend much...I only need something that will allow me to perform basic internet tasks, and basically just something to have around to mess with. ^_^


I found a Nokia 770 for around $150.00 online. For a starter tablet, it seems like a good option.




Does anyone here own them? What are your thoughts on them?





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A PDA is more portable than an internet tablet.


Most PDA's now come with WI-FI built in, and yes you can download flash players for them (as i have one installed on my PDA), also if you have a data plan with your network provider you have 2 sources of accessing the internet as opposed to one.

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First thing I thought when I saw the title is "Yeah I get lots of Viagra spam mail too"


I got my PDA through my mobile phone provider and I can deffnatly say go for a dedicated PDA rather than a phone that can do similar things




My PDA is used for quick reviewing photos from my Canon, watching DVDs on long flights, TomTom (with Joanna Lumley calling me sweetie and dahling) and can be used for browsing the web too.

I've got a 3G phone, so I can connect to the web at broadband speeds with it.

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