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I received the galaxy G7 today after ordering it from HK. At £34.99 plus shipping and custom charges it still works out cheaper than the TM one by about half. The galaxy G7 is a direct copy of the TM MP7.


I won't go into the history of the MP7 and if you need to know more about the real steel version then google is your friend.


Ok on with the review.


The box can be seen below in the picture and inside the box you get the G7, a locap magazine, a hicap magazine, a battery (unknown voltage as there are no markings however i'm guessing its 7.2v which is the same as the TM one), a 2 pin charger which has the battery connector specific to the 7.2v battery, a manual, a cleaning rod and a pack of 200 odd bb's.



The G7 is nicely constructed and has a good weight to it. I would say it's the same as the TM version in feel and weight.

Here's a couple of shots of it out the box.


The stock is as solid as the TM version.



The first thing I noticed about the G7 was the lack of trade marks. All the trade marks had been removed and in one place a galaxy trade mark had been added.

In the following pictures you can see the difference between a trade marked TM MP& and the Galaxy G7.








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as you can see in the last photo the TM version has a little silver panel with a serial number on it . On the Galaxy G7 this isn't there and you just have a hole.


The sights are of good quality.




The paintwork on all the metal parts is actually better than the TM version apart from the 2 ris rails on the side of the G7. these could do with a quick spray of matt black paint to make them fit in with the G7 better.


To fit the battery, like the TM MP7, you remove the front part using a small black button underneath the barrel and the front slides off allowing the battery to be slipped into the G7.



Ok well on with the firing and general feel of the G7 when firing.

I chrono'd the G7 at 240 Average FPS which is slightly more than the TM version which comes in at 220 FPS.

The selector switch on the G7 isn't as refined as the TM version and doesn't really go from position to position with a nice click whereas the TM version does.

The Hicap and Locap mags feed well and also fit and feed the TM version. However I came across a problem which I will describe later down the page.


The locap mag base doesn't have any trades either unlike the TM version.



The G7 feels quite nice to fire and the gearbox doesn't sound stressed so I imagine it will work fault free for a pretty long time.


The hop is adjusted by pulling a lever at the base of the G7 which allows you to turn the hop dial to increase or decrease the amount of hop. The problem with the hop is that it's very hard to adjust just by using a finger. Ideally you should have a small flat head screwdriver for this task. This is also the same with the TM version.



So far it's looking good for the G7. It feels nice, it fires nice and it looks good.

lets have a quick peek inside and see what we have.

the gearbox.




the hop.



Well the gearbox seems to have bushings made of copper which I'm sure probably won't last forever. The hop works very well and seems to be up for the job.


Here's a picture showing how messing it can get when dismantling a G7.


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The air nozzle on the gearbox looks a bit funky.



The gearbox is controlled by an inline fuse.



All the wiring looks to be of good quality and to be honest the G7 is a really good little AEP/AEG apart from one problem.


The problem came to light when I tried to fit some MAG midcap magazines into the G7. The fitted in ok however when I tried to fire the G7 nothing came out the barrel. I tried pushing the magazine up into the magwell and this did the trick however as soon as I released the pressure the mags stopped feeding.

on investigation I found that the mags where not being held in place by the mag catch.you can see in the picture below the gap between the pistol grip and the mag on the left hand side.



When I stripped the G7 i found the cause of the problem.


as you can see the plastic has a large score down the middle and it is deep enough for the mags to not catch. The plastic used is too soft for the job it is trying to do and really needs to be replaced by a metal mag catch.

Because of this the only mags that work in the G7 are the ones supplied. I tried to use the TM mags and the MAG mags and these all failed to feed. However the hicap and the locap made by galaxy worked fine in the TM MP7.


So there you have it. The Galaxy G7. is it any good? yes and no. for about £60 you get a good copy of the real steel MP7 which fires harder than the TM MP7 but may not last forever and you can only use the mags supplied as the mag catch will give out over time.

If i was to mark it out of 10 I would give it a 5. I like it and i'm going to spend a bit of time to see if I can figure out a fix for the mag catch. I might try to cast a metal mag catch as I think this will cure the fault.

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Not that the battery matters much anyway, I'm probably gonna buy it, stretch the spring a little and hook it up to my 9.6v 3500 mah battery with the adaptor I have. Then I'll buy a mp5 drum mag, cut it and fix it with the top of a mp7 midcap. Then I will add an nice red-dot scope, lights, and laser to it. Bam the ultimate smg



I will wait for some god to punish me now.

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Do you think coating the magazine catch with some epoxy will help? Maybe some other hard glue?

Also, I've heard from numerous other people that the hi-cap mag that came with the G7 was very low quality. Is this true?

And did you have any trouble with the charger that came with the G7? I think a lot of other people said that theirs weren't working correctly.


Oh yeah, and exactly how much was shipping?

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For whoever is having the mag problems, all you have to do is put a of couple pieces of electric tape on the front on the mag where the small bumps are. It worked for me. Also I live in the U.S. so the battery charger does not work since we use 110v and the charger is 220v. Will a TM/WELL charger work in the U.S. and chare my galaxy battery?











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